Tealium AudienceStream Omnichannel Enrichment

La tecnología de enriquecimiento omnicanal AudienceStream de Tealium une tus datos de perfiles de visitantes existentes de AudienceStream con tus datos de visitantes de otras fuentes empresariales. Esta acción cierra el círculo de los comportamientos del consumidor que se producen en otros canales en línea o sin conexión, permitiendo medidas de marketing muy relevantes.

Interfaz de AudienceStream en una tablet
  • Build a complete understanding of your customers by unifying cross‑device visitor profiles
  • Create more relevant marketing interactions by augmenting your customer knowledge with off-site or off‑line customer data
  • Support stronger retargeting, personalization, or performance marketing efforts without costly data warehouse integration efforts

What was once a tedious, manual, or expensive process to bring together multi-channel data is now streamlined, letting you automatically ingest visitor data collected from other off-site or offline channels and map that data to your existing visitor or customer profiles in the Tealium AudienceStream™ solution. This automated process transfers channel-specific data on a periodic basis from your repositories to continually enrich your visitor-based segments and trigger new marketing actions as data is ingested into AudienceStream.

How It Works

When your omnichannel data includes a visitor ID, AudienceStream can ingest and correlate the previously siloed data to fuel your unified marketing efforts. Once you have set up the way you want the visitor-based data to be transferred from your servers to AudienceStream, you define the attribute mappings so the visitor profiles in AudienceStream are continually updated with new data, extending and enhancing your profiles and segments. After upload, AudienceStream checks to see if the visitor profile is part of an existing audience. Additionally, any predefined triggers are automatically processed to fuel previously defined marketing actions.

Offline Sales

Although consumers may research products they want to buy online or on their mobile devices, purchases often occur offline. In fact, although e-commerce shopping continues to grow at a fast clip, more than 90% of retail sales still occur in-store. Online advertising and marketing professionals are eager to track online touch points against offline sales. AudienceStream connects your offline purchase data and automatically and continually maps it to the visitor profiles you set up in AudienceStream, closing the loop between the online interactions, which drive offline purchases.

Product Returns

It is common for consumers to make e-commerce purchases but return their products in-store. When this occurs, AudienceStream‘s omnichannel enrichment technology automatically and periodically receives uploads regarding these product returns and maps that information to the visitor profiles you designated in AudienceStream. This technology provides a more complete and accurate view of customer behavior.

Call Centers

When customers need help or when potential customers have inquiries, call centers often log a rich set of quantitative and qualitative information. Because customer service and inquiry calls are key behavioral touch points, augmenting AudienceStream with call center data can provide a more complete understanding of your visitors or customers.

Loyalty Programs

Retention strategies such as loyalty programs are crucial to repeat business. Information such as in-store purchasing, kiosk transactions, and frequent-buyer reward programs should be integrated with digital behavioral data for the most utility. When visitor profiles of this type of data are paired with AudienceStream profiles, you have an integrated, omnichannel view of each customer or prospect. Having this enhanced profile data will enable you create more relevant customer interactions and campaigns that maximize revenue.