Choosing Between Client-side
and Server-side Data Management
(and When to Use Both)

Picking between client-side and server-side data management is a tough call– Get the facts on how to choose and when it’s important to try both

What’s the Right Solution?

Not every situation warrants, or is capable of, cloud delivery (server-side) for data collection and delivery. Oftentimes, traditional client-side tags are the optimal solution and it’s critical to have flexible capabilities accommodating both traditional and emerging data management practices within the same platform.

It is essential that the vendors you work with are true partners in your relationship and will help determine which scenarios are best served by either method. Tealium partners with customers to help evaluate your current data strategy and business needs, and determine how to optimize performance and get the most ROI from your spend. This type of engagement strengthens the customer-vendor partnership, and the Tealium Universal Data Hub provides options– empowering customers to build the best solution.

How to choose when to use client-side or server-side tracking and delivery, and when it’s critical to test both options

The below considerations will guide you towards using client or server-side tracking. However, there are circumstances where the decision is not clear, and it’s critical to have a system allowing you to test both options to determine the best solution for your situation.

How Tealium Fits In

The Tealium Universal Data Hub gives customers the greatest array of functionality on the market to manage the enterprise data supply chain in a comprehensive, flexible and vendor-neutral way with over 1000 client-side and server-side integrations. By leveraging the Tealium Universal Data Hub, organizations can build a portable data foundation using their data to power a continually evolving, best-of-breed tech stack.

For more detailed information on the advantages and disadvantages of tracking and delivering data client-side or server-side go here.