Case Study: US Airways

US Airways Sees 401% Annualized ROI Using Tealium Tag Management

Marketers at major airline able to capture key data points needed to better monetize a key partner relationship.

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  • Marketing couldn’t get the necessary resources required to make critical changes to a third-party vendor tag
  • Use the Tealium iQ™ tag management system to send web analytics data points to their monetization partner
  • Immediate increase in performance of monetization program
  • Within eight months, achieved 401 percent annualized ROI

Marketing Unable to Act

US Airways needed to make changes to the data collected via its primary data monetization partner Adara Media, which leverages proprietary travel data from different airlines to provide retargeting services. By providing more data points for Adara, US Airways could generate significant additional revenue. However, to add those new data points, the marketing team needed the IT staff to make changes to the Adara tag, which was hard coded into the web site. Despite the potential revenue impact, IT did not have time to make the changes. As a result, the success of the monetization program was out of the marketing team’s control.

Tealium iQ for Agility

Tealium puts marketers in control of their third-party vendor solutions by enabling them to add, edit or remove any vendor tag on the fly, as well as manage different data points. Although they could not make changes to the hard-coded Adara tag, US Airways’ marketing team was able to use the Tealium iQ system to send Adara additional data points that were already being collected through the company’s web analytics solution. Instead of waiting around for IT developers to clear their schedules, the marketing team was able to adapt to the situation and help increase revenue right away.

Big Increase in Annualized ROI

By being able to provide a much richer data set to Adara, US Airways saw an immediate increase in the performance of its data monetization program. Within eight months of leveraging Tealium, their company achieved an annualized ROI of 401 percent. During that time, the company’s average monthly commission increased nearly 394 percent.

About US Airways

At the time, US Airways was the nation’s 5th largest domestic airline, operating more than 3,100 flights per day across 198 destinations worldwide. The airline is now part of American Airlines.