All I Want this Holiday Season is a Single Customer Profile

 In Customer Centricity

It’s almost that time of year. We are just a few short weeks away from Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the start of the holiday shopping season where sales are expected to increase 3.6% over last year. For your business to take advantage of this growth, it won’t be enough to rely on what worked last year. This holiday season, it is imperative for digital businesses to tap into their 1st party data and build single customer profiles across devices, in order to have a true understanding of customer behavior, value and campaign performance.

Each year, consumer shopping habits continue to evolve and brands must keep up with their shifting behaviors. There was a time when shopping for holiday gifts simply meant a trip to the mall. Now, customers research and browse products on mobile devices, abandon shopping carts on their tablets and make purchases on desktop computers—sometimes in a single user session.

As a Digital Marketer, the ability to stitch together visitor profiles across devices is no longer a ‘nice to have,’ but absolutely essential to understanding the customer journey and finding success with your customer experience strategy. Hear more from Tealium Founder and CTO, Mike Anderson, on the importance of cross device authentication to your business’ bottom line.

Tealium’s Customer Data Hub ensures that every aspect of your customer experience strategy–across web, mobile, advertising, offline and beyond– shares the same up-to-the-moment data to fuel exceptional customer experiences and insights.

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