Blending Digital Analytics with Human Creativity to Deliver the Optimal CX

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Successful brands understand the important role humans play in the evolving technological landscape. It’s critical we understand and continue to learn key strategies, tactics, and recommendations on how to optimize the customer journey with human capital and technology.

Reid Bryant, VP of Data Science at Blue Acorn iCi, recently presented a webinar on “Blending Digital Analytics with Human Creativity to Deliver the Optimal CX.”

In this webinar, Reid discussed key takeaways like:

Too Many Cooks, Not Enough Chefs

  • Verbatim recipe cook
  • Cook with unique style
  • Cook with innovations
  • True chef

A lack of creativity can lead to average solutions – lateral thinking can lead to improved outcomes.

Marketing Attribution Model


  • Debate statistical model and attributed channel performance


  • Gain trust in foundational metrics of conversions and revenue


  • Build attribution models to understand performance

3 Keys To Building An Impactful Digital Analytics Program

  1. Leadership
  2. Data quality
  3. Data activation
Creative thinking, paired with leadership, data quality and data activation leads to a data driven customer experience and positive ROI Click To Tweet

To get more key insights and takeaways on ‘Blending Digital Analytics with Human Creativity to Deliver the Optimal CXwatch the on-demand webinar and learn:

  • The importance of lateral thinking in digital analytics
  • The 3 components of building an impactful digital analytics program
  • How creative thinking can make the difference between an acceptable customer experience and an optimal customer experience
  • And so much more!

Watch the on-demand webinar and start delivering a better customer experience today!

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