Feature Spotlight: Audience Sizing

 In Customer Centricity

As a digital marketer, have you ever wanted to reach out to specific audience on your site that performed certain actions but didn’t convert? Maybe you want to engage only a subset of visitors who used a mobile device, or only customers with a high lifetime value. Whether you want to send them a special offer via email, reach out to them on social or target them with a certain display ad campaign, finding the right audience after the fact and taking immediate action across channels is often difficult.

Tealium’s new feature, Audience Sizing, gives you the power to quickly pinpoint a specific population of customers and immediately take action through our ecosystem of AudienceStream integrations. Using Audience Sizing, you minimize the risk of becoming irrelevant to your customers because it took too long on the backend to mine the data and implement a marketing strategy.

Audience Sizing, a forward-thinking feature in Tealium AudienceStream, brings together analysis with action. Audience Sizing enables users to easily discover where relevant customer segments intersect utilizing historical data. An interactive, color-coded Venn diagram allows you to explore multiple audiences in AudienceStream simultaneously, examine prior user behavior and take action with precision.

In today’s interview with Tealium VP of Global Sales Solutions, Chris Slovak, we dive into the value and speed Audience Sizing delivers.

Audience Sizing is available now in AudienceStream. Current users can learn more in the Tealium Learning Community or see a demo here.

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