Friday Favorites: 5 MarTech Articles You Don’t Want To Miss

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MarTech news is exciting, innovative and everywhere – feeling like you can’t get through it all? Tealium’s got you covered! Each Friday we’ll share our top recommended readings for the week.

The Art of Storytelling Meets the Science of Data Analysis
An eMarketer Article

All brands have a story to tell consumers, but telling it in a way consumers want to hear can be challenging. Marketers are taking advantage of their ability to use content and ad creative sequentially to present longer, more compelling messages to consumers. Marketers are relying on a mix of…keep reading.

Don’t Limit MarTech to Top of the Funnel: Apply Across the Entire Customer Journey
A CMSWire Article

As the MarTech solutions available to brands evolve at an ever-increasing pace, the role of the CMO is also undergoing a critical transition. Traditionally, those responsibilities have focused on winning new customers by effectively communicating a brand’s story and differentiation. While undoubtedly still essential, a recent study found that…keep reading.

Data Protection & AI: How Can We Control Our Creations?
A Huffington Post Article

For marketers, this evolution in machine learning has enormous potential: almost all (98%) think it will benefit their marketing efforts. It’s easy to see why confidence is high – smart technology can help brands in multiple areas, from boosting targeting precision to improving product suggestions. But this enthusiasm is still…keep reading.

How to Overcome the Fear Factor in Machine Learning
An information age Article

The march of the machines is upon society: the vast power of machine learning has been freed from the confines of IT laboratories and is disrupting businesses across the world, delivering deep insight, accurate predictions and detailed learnings that have the potential to make huge transformation. But there’s an issue: these immense, invaluable insights are wasted unless business leaders actually…keep reading.

Tim Ferriss Just Revealed His SImple 3-Step Secret to Success (in Business and in Life) 
An Article

In a recent TED Talk, Tim Ferriss says what we most fear saying, asking, or doing often be what we most need to do if we want to be successful. But how do you get past the fear and actually do the things you most need to do to be successful? To stop avoiding the things you need to do – or are afraid to do – first stop avoidingkeep reading.

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