Friday Favorites: 5 MarTech Articles You Don’t Want To Miss

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MarTech news is exciting, innovative and everywhere – but feeling like you can’t get through it all? Tealium’s got you covered! Each Friday we’ll share our top recommended readings for the week.

Is Your MarTech Stack Keeping Pace With Changing Customer Behavior?
A MarTech Today Article

Delivering a great customer experience requires marketers to do two important things. First, marketers must organize the company around the customer to deliver a better experience. And secondly, the marketing department must capture the data to get closer to their customers. Data is the key ingredient to delivering a great customer experience. So to deliver a great CX companies need to…keep reading.

Top Data Challenges Created By Digital Transformation
An InformationWeek Article

Data clearly is not what it used to be. Organizations of all types are finding new uses for data as part of their digital transformations. Examples of data becoming the key to competitive advantage abound in every industry, from jet engines and autonomous cars, to agriculture and grocery stores. Not only are uses of data changing, but the types of data that enable new insights are also changing. This “new data” is very different because…keep reading.

Your 5-Step GDPR Readiness Plan
A CMS Wire Article

Ready or or not, the European Union’s Global Data Privacy Regulation (GDPR) will impact businesses in the EU and beyond in only a matter of months. The impending regulations create a tight legal framework for how companies can use individuals’ personal information and will replace a patchwork of 28 separate national privacy laws and the outdated 1995 Data Protection Directive with one set of rules for EU countries to follow. Essentially, the new regulations spell out…keep reading.

Want To Reach Millennials? Invest In Mobile Messaging
A Fast Company Article

Snaps founder and CEO Vivian Rosenthal says mobile messaging is the future for brands. Social media and email marketing? Not so much. It’s about providing a frictionless experience, and providing those in-the-moment experiences right where their users were – in their messaging apps of choice. So what do brands need to do?…keep reading.

Jeff Bezos Says You Should Ask These 3 Questions Before Every New Hire
An Inc Article

It’s no surprise that Amazon looks to increase the quality of its people as it scales since it’s known as one of the top brands who is both customer and employee centric with everything they do. And while increasing the quality of people may be extremely difficult to do, of course Jeff Bezos has found a way. He says it boils down to asking these three questions before saying yes to any new hire…keep reading.

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