Friday Favorites: 5 MarTech Articles You Don’t Want To Miss

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Digital Transformation Is Critical For Business Development
A Forbes Article

Digital innovations are creating opportunities quicker and quicker every day. And businesses in every industry need to utilize technological advances to not only stay competitive but to survive. Companies are faced with many challenges as they navigate their way through this digital transformation, but the one main challenge that is…keep reading.

How To Be A Modern Day Marketing Mystic
A Marketing Week Article

Since time immemorial, humans have longed to learn what the future holds for them. Whatever form fortune-telling takes, the basic outcome is the same: seeking meaning in random patterns and phenomenon. Today, there is a much easier way to get a glimpse into the cosmic plan for all our destinies as we can look at…keep reading.

Mobile Purchase Growth Rates Surge; Consumers Will Punish Businesses That Fail To Safeguard Data
An ExchangeWire Article

Q1 2018 saw a 66% increase in smartphone purchase growth rate compared to Q4 2017, according to recent stats, which highlights the increasing speed at which shoppers are adopting mobile as their primary platform. The importance of mobile apps is driven home by the fact that shopping apps generate conversion rates 3x higher than on mobile…keep reading.

What Is A Business Analyst? A Key Role For Business-IT Efficiency
A Article

Business analysts are responsible for bridging the gap between IT and the business using data analytics to assess processes, determine requirements and deliver data-driven recommendations and reports to executives and stakeholders. The International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), a nonprofit professional association, considers the business analyst “an agent of change,” writing that business analysis “is a disciplined approach for…keep reading.

Why Curiosity Is The Greatest Leadership Trait Of All
A Success Magazine Article

We have all heard stereotypical opinions about leadership and what defines a true leader. Are some leaders tall and good looking, with booming voices? Yes, but that is not where the essence of leadership is found. Powerful leaders have devoted their lives to finding new solutions to old problems, new ways to motivate people, new ways to…keep reading.

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