Friday Favorites: 5 MarTech Articles You Don’t Want To Miss

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MarTech news is exciting, innovative, and everywhere – feeling like you can’t get through it all? Tealium’s got you covered! Each Friday we’ll share our top recommended readings from the week.

Data Lessons From Walmart: What We Can All Learn From Retail
An AdExchanger Article

Having worked in the healthcare industry for several years, it’s fair to say we’re facing turbulent times, with regulatory uncertainties, rising costs, declining reimbursements and increasing demand for affordable medical access, not to mention new entrants like Amazon trying to get in on the act.keep reading.

The UserTesting Customer Experience Industry Survey: Revelations and Best Practices for Marketers
A MarTech Advisor Article

Customer experience (CX) has morphed into an all-encompassing concept for organizations and customers expect more than ever from their favorite brands. Faster, more personalized service is becoming the norm, and brands that don’t match up will have to scramble to catch up. Customer experience includes…keep reading.

The Resurgence of the CIO
A CIO Article

There has been a lot of press in recent years about the demise of the CIO, and CIO’s like me didn’t appreciate that for some reason. I experienced this last Fall at an industry conference where even a renowned internet venture capital icon stated that he’d never hire a CIO and would always opt for a CDO. I almost stood up to challenge him…keep reading.

What Marketers Need to Understand About Fines Under the New California Privacy Act
A Marketing Land Article

It did not take long for the Golden State to borrow a page from the European Union’s consumer privacy rule book. And because of this, marketers need to take note about what’s happening with changes in data protection…keep reading.

CDP Institute Launches Vendor Certification Program, Tools to Help CDP Buyers
A MarTechToday Article

To help reduce confusion about what does and what doesn’t constitute a customer data platform (CDP) and help buyers better navigate the vendor selection process, the CDP Institute has launched a certification program. The promise of a CDP is to provide…keep reading.

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