Pancake Hacking: Tealium’s Recipe for Success!

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You might think that Tealium and pancakes have little in common, but put a bunch of hungry Tealium engineers in an office on Pancake Day (or Mardis Gras/Shrove Tuesday depending on your locale), and we’ll soon change your mind! Tealium engineers are a creative and resourceful, if unconventional, bunch, and despite having no proper cooking equipment (or most of the usual ingredients), we were determined to have pancakes in the office on Pancake Day, Tuesday February 13th.

A quick recipe hunt and a short while later, we were enjoying freshly-made banana pancakes from the microwave, made with just a few select ingredients we had on hand. Needless to say, they went down a storm, and productivity levels in Tealium’s Reading, UK office were the highest they have ever been!

Back on a more serious note, our “Tealium Engineering Pancakes ™” do have a loose (OK… tenuous!) connection to Tealium, but we’ll work with it.

Tealium enables you to hand-pick from a huge variety of different ingredients (read technology vendors) to make up your Marketing Cloud. Who says just because everyone else is making their “Data Pancakes” the conventional way, using the same big technology vendors that everyone else chooses, that this is the best way for your organisation? For some organisations, this will certainly be the case, but using Tealium gives you the choice of picking and choosing the vendors that are right for you (and easily changing them in the future if they are no longer suitable).

Tealium enables you to hand-pick from a huge variety of different ingredients (read technology vendors) to make up your Marketing Cloud. Click To Tweet

For some reason, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t convince our marketing team to work with “Build Your Own Data Pancake”, but instead they came up with “Build Your Own Marketing Cloud ™”. Without further ado, here is Tealium’s recipe for success to Build Your Own Marketing Cloud:


  1. Your app or website – did you know Tealium technology can be deployed on a wide variety of different platforms? We have integrations with all the major mobile and web platforms, including iOS (Swift and Objective-C), Android, Cordova, Hybris, WordPress, Sitecore and many more. See our Integrations page for the complete list.
    Is there something you’d like to see added to the list? Let us know on TwitterFacebook, LinkedIn or start a discussion in our Learning Community!
  2. Tealium iQ Tag Management – the strong foundation on which to build any good marketing cloud, Tealium iQ makes managing your digital marketing tags as easy as drizzling fresh maple syrup over a steaming hot stack of freshly-made pancakes!
  3. Tealium AudienceStream – take customer engagement to the next level, and make your customers feel as special as a silver dollar pancake by getting to know them and helping them to get the best out of your brand. Getting closer to your customers has never been simpler!
  4. Tealium EventStream – fuel all your third-party digital marketing technologies with delicious, syrupy, first-party data in real time on the server-side, while keeping your website or app performance slick by removing client-side tags.
  5. Tealium DataAccess – you made the pancakes, and it’s only right that you should get to eat them, right? Get full access to all the data you own, in an easily-digestible format that can work with all your favourite BI tools. Make sure your first-party data stays first-party!
  6. Data Layer – your Data Layer is the secret ingredient to making your Tealium implementation extra delicious. It provides all the information needed by your digtial marketing tags and connectors, and fuels the Tealium CDH with the data you need to get closer to your customers.
  7. Digital Marketing Vendors – Tealium’s vendor-neutral approach ensures you can work with any digital marketing technology of your choice, and if you can’t find a pre-built integration with your preferred vendor, then there’s always the ultra-versatile Webhook or Generic Tag/Custom Container to help you get up and running in no time! Tealium will help you quickly realise the full potential of all your third-party digital marketing technologies.

And finally, if you’re really in a bind and NEED pancakes in your office, here’s our improvised microwave-friendly recipe. The recipe yields enough for 2-3 hungry software engineers, but feel free to multiply the ingredients as appropriate.


1 cup all-purpose/plain flour

1 ripe mashed banana (the more mashed, the better)

1 tsp baking powder

1 cup milk/water (we used soy milk, but any kind will do)

Mix all the ingredients well with a fork, and pour enough batter onto a microwaveable plate for 1 medium pancake. Microwave for 90 seconds, un-stick from plate and flip over, and return to the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute (or until cooked through).

Enjoy your pancakes and your new Marketing Cloud!

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