Tealium THINK Named One of Best New Technologies by Digital Analytics Association (DAA)

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Billed as the “most relevant and important award for the digital analytics industry,” the DAA’s Quanties is one of our favorite awards to watch. As a past Best New Technology winner in 2014 for our AudienceStream Customer Data Platform, we always look forward to the Quanties as an opportunity to step back and take stock of the amazing technology emerging in the analytics space.

This year we’re excited that our newest product, Tealium THINK, was recognized as one of the Top 3 Best New Technologies! We’re proud to be recognized along with Google Data Studio and ObservePoint’s AssurancePlatform.

Tealium THINK scales up the value of an organization’s data foundation by providing machine-based intelligence on the massive amounts of event-level behavioral data that organizations manage today. Instead of leveraging machine learning unevenly downstream in point solutions (which carries many drawbacks), analytics professionals can apply machine learning at the foundational level right when data is created. Brands can now leverage more intelligent audience discovery and creation, along with the capability to influence same-session experiences in real time using the power or machine learning.

Tealium THINK provides clients 3 core capabilities:

  • Machine Learning Data Foundation Readiness
    In order to harness the power of machine learning, a customer’s data foundation must meet certain minimum requirements that are critical to ensuring accurate and significant predictions. Step 1 of any machine learning project is to ensure a comprehensive and high quality dataset.
  • Predictive Audiences
    Predictive Audiences is a continuous and intelligent audience creation service that utilizes machine learning to identify the best audience segments for targeting.
  • Predictive Personalization
    With Tealium’s Customer Data Hub providing real-time data infrastructure and THINK providing real-time intelligence on the likelihood of individual visitors to convert, brands have access to insights in real time and can take action with those insights at the right time.

If you’d like to hear more, let us know! https://tealium.com/products/tealium-think-machine-learning/

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