Using Data to Perfect the Customer Experience

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Author: Wes McCabe, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Optimizely

Tealium’s Digital Velocity conference is known for providing inspiring keynotes, value-packed session content from top brands and a plethora of engaging networking opportunities for savvy digital marketers, developers and technologists. Partners, customers and Tealium Experts will be hosting a series of intimate roundtable discussions at Digital Velocity San Diego May 14-15, 2019 on topics around transforming customer experiences, the power of data and so much more.

Tealium is excited to have Wes McCabe, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Optimizely, host a roundtable on ‘Using Data to Perfect the Customer Experience’.

An organization’s users today are not all the same as we typically serve a wide range of customers. Marketers and developers understand the critical personas that make each customer segment unique, and these prospects often have very different wants and needs from the brands they’re interacting with, yet the websites they’re engaging on tend to be one-size fits all.

In reality, as marketers and developers, we already know what to say to these different customers if we we’re to greet them in person, on the phone, or in a physical store. We may even have certain features or promotions we’ve tailored to meet their needs. Oftentimes we know these customers well and if we saw them in real life we’d know exactly how to tailor a message to fit their needs.

But here’s the problem: how do we actually reach them in a digital space? A brand may have a specific persona in mind, but translating that personalization into technology can get complicated with rules based on targeting or creating audience conditions from scratch. But it doesn’t have to be.

Using Tealium’s AudienceStream in partnership with the Optimizely solution, many customers are able to deliver unique offers, messaging, and experiences to their different audiences.

In our Digital Velocity San Diego roundtable discussion we’ll discuss how teams can move from a one-size fits all website, to one that’s dynamic and personalized to meet the unique wants and needs of customers. Come join us to specifically discuss:

  • Successful tactics to personalizing offers and messaging on your website and across multiple channels
  • Key ways to scale from starting with basic A/B testing to ultimately being able to establish an organization-wide experimentation and personalization strategy
  • How to use other technologies like behavioral targeting and machine learning to deliver personalized campaigns

Optimizely is the world’s leader in customer experience optimization, allowing businesses to dramatically drive up the value of their digital products, commerce and campaigns through its best in class experimentation software platform. By replacing digital guesswork with evidence-based results, Optimizely enables product and marketing professionals to accelerate innovation, lower the risk of new features, and drive up the return on investment from digital by up to 10X. Over 26 of the Fortune 100 companies choose Optimizely to power their global digital experiences.

Digital Velocity San Diego, May 14-15, 2019, will be one of the most talked about digital conferences of the year, and you don’t want to miss the roundtables.

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