4 Powerful Stages of Data Transformation

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Digital Transformation is crucial for businesses working to achieve a customer centric approach and deliver relevant, impactful experiences across all channels. At the very heart of this digital transformation is customer data.

Teams within any organisation require access to the highest quality of real-time customer data when making business decisions in order to deliver true value to their customers. However, many businesses are unable to align their organisation and their data around the customer to truly provide that powerful CX journey.

Catherine Ballantyne, APAC Director of Solutions Consulting at Tealium, recently held a 30 minute webinar on ‘The 4 Powerful Stages of Digital Transformation’.

Key takeaways from the webinar included concepts like:

    • Cross team processes must be put in place for the successful adoption of a Data Supply Chain


    • There are 4 key processes in establishing a Data Supply Chain:
            • Data source onboarding
            • Unified data layer definition
            • Identity resolution
            • Persona mapping


    • For digital transformation to be successful it’s critical brands ensure the 4 key processes of a Data Supply Chain are established


    • Having an understanding of where to start and what to put in place to achieve true data excellence is vital prior to implementing a data strategy for any business


    • When considering your Data Supply Chain cycle – if the goal is to create a consistent and relevant customer experience the success of the ‘activation’ stage will be driven by the quality of the three stages prior – define, protect and understand.


    • Expect onboarding the onboarding of data to be an ongoing process. As new sources are developed onboarding simply becomes a regular process within the business.


Watch the on-demand version now and learn:

    • Why a data supply chain is the foundation of exceptional customer experiences (and how to create one)
    • The customer data orchestration imperative across multiple teams, technologies and touchpoints
    • 4 key digital transformation steps and strategies
    • A simple framework to follow in creating a digital transformation roadmap to start executing today

View the on-demand webinar today!

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