4 Women Crushing the Customer Data Game With Tealium

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As a company who reinforces our commitment to equality through an internal women’s program (TWIL: Tealium Women in Leadership), Tealium is excited to celebrate and honor the achievement of our female customers for International Women’s Day. The global day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women as well as a call for gender parity.  

The day of celebration connects people everywhere with one common theme no matter their gender identity and expression, race, sexual orientation, age, background or demographic. 

These 4 women crushing the customer data game are also connected by one common challenge and theme, no matter their business type or size – they all want to better connect their data, so they can better connect with their customers.  

Here are just a few of the many awesome examples from our customers we hope will inspire you on your journey to data greatness. 

IBM’s Director of Engineering – Lalitha Krishnamoorthy

Lalitha Krishnamoorthy knew that a solid data strategy was crucial to the multinational technology company being able to experience real digital transformation. 

But she had 4 main challenges to overcome before IBM could be data-driven:

  1. Automate business processes – albeit corporate marketing, digital sales, sales or marketing enablement. In the end this challenge ended up being one of the toughest challenges they had to find solutions for.
  2. Build real-time insights into their DNA – they were collecting a ton of data but weren’t receiving insights until post-data collection. They needed to become data-driven in a cultural way so they could drive and make better business decisions.
  3. Increase engagementknowing what was currently driving the most engagement and what wasn’t would let them know what they had to focus on that quarter to make a greater impact.
  4. Manage data riskneeded to ensure they were doing their due diligence to stay compliant with all the data privacy policies and regulations.

After partnering with Tealium to get their data ready for the digital revolution, Lalitha and her team were able to not only find solutions to these challenges but also promote organizational transformation for data quality and accessibility. What does that mean more specifically?

She was able to evangelize the connection between analytics and innovation. They could infuse analytical capabilities to spark innovation throughout their company and started embracing client feedback by listening to it, and for it more. 

By connecting ecosystems and orchestrating efforts, Lalitha was able to help IBM ensure their data was ready for the digital revolution. 

Network Ten’s General Manager, Digital –  Liz Baldwin

The Australian commercial television network wanted to make data a fundamental role in their business success, so Liz Baldwin knew that meant they needed to have customer-centric strategies that would drive impactful insights, increase audience engagement, and allow for greater experimentation and personalization. But because they had data in siloed, disparate systems they couldn’t make data the main player in their organization. 

Liz needed a solid data strategy that would

  • Support driving personalized customer experiences
  • Enable smarter, more efficient digital marketing capabilities
  • Be unrestricted by any of the other components in their technology stack that they were investing in

She turned to Tealium’s Customer Data Platform, AudienceStream, for the agility and optionality in being able to seamlessly integrate with other partners of theirs without having to have what she coined a “Frankenstack.” 

After using AudienceStream to write 97 very specific and granular use cases (wow Liz!), the tv network:

  • Enhanced their digital marketing by customizing the content their users were interested in so they could deliver it at the exact times they knew they were engaging
  • Improved personalization on their websites
  • Provided a more relevant, data-driven advertising experience for their advertisers that was powered by new insights and segments
    • BONUS: This set their advertisers up for the future of television which is addressable advertising. Cool! 
  • Reported in a more intelligent way 

Liz Baldwin used Tealium to drive a better, more personalized experience for Network 10 so they could really put the power behind the play. 

Barceló Hotel Group’s Adtech and Attribution Modeling Specialist of Data and Digital Media – Johanna Alvarez 

The hotel and resort company wanted to be data-driven and customer-centric, but their lack of data governance was limiting them from getting there. Johanna Alvarez realized they didn’t have any structure or process in place and they were working at less than their full potential. 

She leveraged Tealium’s Customer Data Platform AudienceStream to help them enable better data quality, management and usage practices, thus becoming masters of their data, without having to rely on others to help and manage that data. 

“The most important thing Tealium has given us is being owners of everything we put into our platforms,” says Johanna Álvarez. “Before, we were dependent on other teams to have our implementations up and running. That doesn’t happen now, we’ve been given the autonomy to set priorities and to get our hands on the data whenever we need it.”

Johanna and the whole Barcelo Hotel Group experienced awesome results after partnering with Tealium on their data journey. After employing better data governance techniques throughout their organization they ran more customer-centric marketing campaigns that increased their revenue by 37% in two years! 

“Getting the best platform is a very important step, but in the end, the most valuable asset and the key piece of the success of the projects are the teams and the synergies that are created once you get everyone involved in your project,” says Álvarez. “We have had the great pleasure of working with a team that believes, trusts and wants to get the maximum out of the stack we’ve been privileged to build.” – Johanna Alvarez

Providence St. Joseph Health’s Director of Marketing Platforms & Analytics – Madelyn Mills

The leading healthcare provider wanted to provide personalized and consistent patient experiences, yet they didn’t have the unified data required to do so. Madelyn Mills wanted to leverage technology that would bring together all of their offline and online data to enable better personalization techniques, deeper segmentation and more efficient targeting strategies. 

“Siloed data has a cost to a business – lack of personalization, higher advertising costs, digital waste and duplication, lower productivity, and even increased risk to the patient’s health.” – Madelyn Mills

So she paired anonymous customer data in their CRM with Tealium to provide call center agents with detailed and real time information on who was calling and what source they came in from

The result? Not only were they able to deliver a personalized and consistent call center experience for their patients by pairing online and offline data together, they were really able to transform the patient support experience by putting their consumer at the heart of their healthcare ecosystem. 

“We owe a lot of our execution success to our partners at Tealium. And that’s whether it’s through our weekly engineering call, or account management help, platform configuration or strategic guidance. It really makes all the difference to work with vendors that understand what it means to be a partner. And Tealium has been by our side all along the way.” – Madelyn Mills

Though these 4 stories may be different in some ways, they are also similar

At the end of the day we are all in this together and stronger (with connected data!) together.

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