A 12 Part Retail Readiness Checklist

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This has been a doozy of a year and creating holiday marketing campaigns that will crush it this year will be no different – especially when online consumer engagement is at an all time high. But hey, you survived 2020, so you can do hard things!

We’re here to help you prepare for a holiday season that truly will be like no other with this super handy 12-part checklist.

So lets get you ready for the holidays baby!

1. Have you defined solid use cases to support your holiday strategy? Ask yourself if your team is really focusing in on and doing the right things to move the needle to bring your holiday goals over the finish line. And if you realize you’re not – that’s ok, now is the time to assess what gaps you need to fill to get you there.

2. Have you specified the right data points that will trigger super relevant experiences in the moment? Consumers want you to talk to them like you know them – and you do based on everything they’re telling you through their data, right? This is also a great time to identify any opportunities that could help you automate the way you use data to identify and engage only the right targets during this high volume time! 

3. Have you mapped out data points that will let you help your customers right at the moment they need it? Be there for them when they need you the most. 

4. Do you have other outside of the box ways to meet your holiday goals that you can quickly deploy? 2020 was unpredictable and marketers and brands had to stay more agile than ever before. It’s good to keep your strategy nimble too just case even more unexpectedness unexpectedly happens 😉  (but lets hope it doesn’t)

5. Are you capturing all of the right customer data points that you might want to leverage in the future? While yes we’re just talking holiday strategy specifically right now – there will be so much consumer activity online now is the time to collect pieces of information on your audience your future engagement-goal-driven self might thank you for.

6. Have you considered the unique ways that we will need to support customers who may be less-than-fully prepared to purchase gifts for others online? What does their experience look like? What do they want from the brands they’re interacting with? How can you help them? How can you provide them value? Help others and you ultimately just end up helping yourself in the process too!

7. Have you set up the infrastructure now that will let you seamlessly integrate everything you learn about your customers so you can leverage that in all of your other channels later? Ensuring this seamless flow of data guarantees you’ll be able to support your customers in real-time and right in the moment they need you.

8. Do you have a multi-channel customer support strategy in place that can meet customers in the moment in a kind, helpful and intelligent way? No worries if not, we can help with that 😉

9. Are you leveraging predictive insights so you can have some crazy hyper targeting going on? Knowing what actions your customers are going to take before they actually take them is pretty powerful my friends. And just wait until you see what it can do to your bottom line!

10. Do you have ways of identifying, then supporting any customers who need help, no matter the channel? Online chat features, phone calls to your call center, support tickets via your social channels, website contact us form fills, the list goes on. Be everywhere your customer is and be ready to help – it’s the right thing to do.

11. Have you defined how to identify and suppress low-value targets so you can increase efficiency? Are you monitoring purchases across all sales channels (offline too) and suppressing purchasers from digital ads? This is a must and will make a huge difference in your ad spend. 

12. Have you ensured that all of your vendor contracts are designed to allow for increases in data volume? Now is a great time to do a quick inventory and audit of these things.

Well there you have it folks! 12 key ways to get retail holiday ready so you can ensure your customers experience with your brand is merry and bright this holiday season.

No matter where you are in the process of delighting your customers for this holiday season and beyond Tealium is always here to help you every step of the way. 

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