Friday Favorites: 5 MarTech Articles You Don’t Want To Miss

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How Retailers Can Make The Most Of Their Data
A Forbes Article

Among the industries that have seen their traditional ways of doing business upended by the rapid advent of the internet and mobile device usage, retail is perhaps one of the most affected. On one hand, technology has introduced customers to new buying behaviors, and the rise of e-commerce has provided retailers with new avenues to reach…keep reading.

Fast-Forward To 2040: How Businesses Will Evolve With AI
An AdExchanger Article

From scaling repetitive tasks to improving human-to-machine interactions, artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way when it comes to freeing up our time and improving the quality of our day-to-day lives. Over the course of the next 20 years, AI will continue to shape the broader business landscape, leading to new, more creative jobs. We’re already starting to see this take root in…keep reading.

Customer Loyalty Is More Than Marketing, It’s A Mindset
A MarketingLand Article

Marketers think of loyalty as a technology platform or a marketing campaign; they think it’s a demand or a lever to produce higher revenue, but it’s so much more. In its most successful iteration, loyalty is a mindset permeating all aspects of a business. We demand loyalty from customers, and we chase it…keep reading.

How Many Versions Of A Product Do Consumers Really Want?
A Harvard Business Review Article

Consumers almost always tell researchers that they prefer to have many versions of a product from which to choose. But, in fact, consumers’ perceptions of how many choices they prefer change depending on whether they intend to use an item for pleasure or to meet a functional need. For retailers, that difference has…keep reading.

How Can You Use Rest As A Tool For Success
A Thrive Global Article

We hear a lot about the many things that are disrupting the American workplace: demographics, globalization, automation, the decline of manufacturing, and, especially, technology. And it’s true – all of those are transforming the way we work, not just in America but worldwide. But there’s another force transforming our lives and our work: nonwork. Or, more specifically…keep reading.

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