Friday Favorites: 5 MarTech Articles You Don’t Want To Miss

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What Is A Data Lake? A Super Simple Definition For Anyone
A Forbes Article

If you’re even tangentially involved with big data, you know that finding storage solutions for the volumes of data being generated every second is of utmost importance. When it comes to managing data, data professionals can consider using a data warehouse or a data lake as a data repository. In order to determine what’s best for your organization, let’s first define…keep reading.

Here’s How GDPR Is Already Changing Web Design
A Fast Company Article

A typical webpage can have dozens of cookies (even hundreds, in some cases), which track your behavior for everyone from advertisers to developers – a practice also known as design optimization. When Europe’s sweeping privacy regulations (called GDPR) took effect in May, it was unclear just how much the new rules would affect this completely ubiquitous fact of life on the internet, but a report…keep reading.

Digital Transformation: Marketing Moving Beyond the Department
A ClickZ Article

As the digital consumer transforms, so has the marketing department. C-Level executives across industries are adapting to evolving expectations and deploying new experiences to match them. Customers reward strong brands—large or small—with their advocacy and loyalty. According to IDC, two-thirds of the CEOs of Global 2000 companies have established digital transformation as…keep reading.

What You Should Know About The ePrivacy Regulation
A CMS Wire Article

You’ve probably had your fill of European regulations involving data, privacy, and communications by now. But more is in store for those multinational companies with operations or customers in Europe who have just gone through the May 25 rollout of the General Data Protection Regulation. Next up, the ePrivacy Regulation. While this regulation is still in the approval process without a set implementation date, it is…keep reading.

Citizen Data Science and the Democratization of Analytics
An informationweek Article

The ongoing shortage of data scientists has been well documented. Even as the business world grows increasingly digitized and reliant on big data modeling and analytics to drive value and profit, those possessing the requisite education and expertise in mathematics/statistics, data prep, programming, and distributed computing to meet data science challenges are rare birds. The ability to make sense of…keep reading.

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