Increase Customer Engagement With 6 Key Data Onboarding Steps

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Customer data onboarding is a well-accepted marketing practice as it makes a crucial connection between offline and known data on a customer available as online audience segments marketers can use in segmentation strategies. But as digital marketing becomes more complex, dynamic B2C marketers need to understand how to maximize the impact of their onboarding investments.

On the surface, customer data onboarding might look like it’s only an audience-building tool, but it’s really so much more than that.

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To make the most of onboarding, B2C marketers must do two things: Extend the application of onboarding beyond targeting into measurement and personalization, and actively manage customer data and the onboarding process.

Tealium recently licensed a July 2017 Forrester report, “Making the Most of Customer Data Onboarding” that breaks down the 6 key data onboarding steps an organization should follow to have the greatest impact on customer engagement:

  1. Push more data into the onboarding process – an email address is a great place to start as an identifier but there are so many other keys that vendors can match against. Providing other identification keys beyond email – like name, address, phone number and IP address – can help match more records.
  2. Focus on data quality – create a data management program that will do things like update customer information, remove duplications and validate email addresses so it’s not just a garbage in/garbage out scenario.
  3. Raise your data capture game – take advantage of each time a customer engages with the brand and request new and updated information to add to profiles; such as new addresses, email accounts and social media handles.

Continue reading the remaining steps here and download the entire July 2017 Forrester report, “Making the Most of Customer Data Onboardingtoday!


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