Kick off 2021 with Joy!

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Who doesn’t need a little more joy in their lives these days! Customer joy, that is. For marketers, if our customer is happy, we are happy, right?

Our customers are spending more time online than ever before. Some of this behavior is due to the pandemic but we were already seeing a rise in e-commerce sales prior to March 2020. Customers have many reasons to prefer online shopping: they can browse in private — anywhere and any time, voice search and chatbots give quick answers, mobile e-commerce can provide instant gratification, and free shipping and returns reduce risk. All of these activities carry with them the idea that valuable time is not spent shopping but rather doing something that brings joy, like spending time with family and friends.

Does that mean our customers are happy? Yes and no. For every preference listed above, there is a way to make the experience even better. Browsing in private, anytime and anywhere? That browsing time can easily take hours, going down rabbit holes, or trying to use the right terminology with a chatbot to get information. The brand that delivers the delightful experience — whether it is presenting relevant products or providing immediate customer service — will win the customer.

To make our customers happy, we need to deliver more personalized experiences across all the touchpoints our customers have with us. To do this, we need to collect data from all of these touchpoints and build a unified view of our customer, unique to our business. This single customer view will deliver insights on customer preferences and behavior we can use to take action.

How happy will your customer be when they are presented with fewer, more quality choices and have 24/7 chat support that can deliver better results? They can make their buying decision quickly and confidently!

Which brings us back to delivering joy in 2021. Tealium has created The Joy of Data Cookbook — a new kind of cookbook full of recipes that let you create data-driven programs to deliver joyful experiences for your customers.

You’ll find robust data recipes for:

  • Building a single customer view unique to you
  • Developing loyalty and retention programs that delight buyers
  • Driving omni-channel personalization with offline and online data
  • Generating predictive insights and customer analytics that drive marketing effectiveness

There are also recipes for Privacy, Analytics, and CX teams because managing customer data and meeting regulatory requirements are more important than ever.

A comprehensive view of your customer is the single most effective way to deliver a relevant and timely customer experience across all engagement channels.

Integrating a CDP, like Tealium AudienceStream, into your martech stack will collect data from all of those engagement channels and generate an accurate view of your customer as the foundation for your engagement activities.

When the data is accurate and current, all teams can deliver the right experience to the customer at the right time. This results in happy customers and joyful business owners. You’re welcome.

Get The Joy of Data Cookbook today!

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