New Feature Spotlight: Geofencing and Location Tracking for Tealium Mobile

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Allow me to start off this blog by telling you something you’ve heard before. Your customers are going mobile, which is why we’re improving our Tealium Mobile offering! I won’t recycle stats you’ve already heard about mobile data and usage growth. We as marketers, analytics or data professionals are well aware that mobile is the new frontier for not just for data and analytics, but also for customer experience.

Today, we are excited to announce several new capabilities we are bringing in to Tealium that will help you unlock mobile data and put it to use both for your data and analytics efforts as well as customer experience. Let’s dive in!

Geofencing and Location Tracking for Tealium Mobile

Geofencing and Location Tracking is a new module for Tealium Mobile that enables brands to establish and monitor geofences, as well as collect recent location data in real time in order to power location-based marketing and customer experience.

Location-based marketing and experiences are notoriously hard to deliver. Imagine a retailer or restaurant being able to send offers and communications through their app in real-time when customers are near a brick and mortar location. Or a travel and hospitality company wanting to send welcome messages when a customer pulls into the parking lot or reminders for check-in based on location. 

Typically, delivering these types of experiences requires a collection of multiple tools and APIs being strung together. With Tealium, you are now able to establish and monitor geofences as well as track real-time location and activate that data to create these location-based experiences all within a single toolset.

So, how does it work? Tealium users simply include the location module and geofence file in their Tealium for Mobile installation and, with the customer’s permission, your app collects location data and automatically adds latitude and longitude to the data layer. 

When a customer’s device interacts with a geofence, a tracking call containing location data is sent when the transition state of the user changes. Transition state changes include:

  • Entering a geofence
  • Exiting a geofence
  • Dwelling inside a geofence for a period of time
Tealium for mobile with geofencing

You can learn more and dive into documentation for this new capability at

Wait, There’s More! Event Batch for Tealium Mobile

I did my best infomercial impression there. Did it work? While we are talking about new mobile features I want to talk about a hidden gem we released for both our Android and Swift SDKs called Event Batch. Previously, each event tracked on a device would trigger an HTTP request to transmit that data to the Tealium Collect service. With Event Batch, Tealium users can enable tracked events to be stored temporarily in an event queue and then sent in batches of up to 10 events a single HTTP request.

Why do this? The simple answers are choice and mobile app optimization. For Tealium users this batching mobile events can be a simple option to reduce network requests and the total size of transmitted data from mobile devices. Fewer network requests ultimately result in improved battery performance for the device making the call and allowing your customers stay on the app longer.  

Event Batch can also be set up to activate only during specific mobile app conditions and modules. Say, for instance, a mobile user suddenly finds himself or herself with no internet connection, Event Batching for Tealium Mobile can be set up to trigger and store on device events until the connection returns.

Tealium Mobile modules like “LifeCycle” can also trigger Event Batch capabilities. When an app is sent to the background, Event Batch for Tealium Mobile can be triggered to begin collecting events and then sent to Tealium once the app is woken up.


We’re excited for Tealium customers to get started using both Geofencing and Location Tracking as well as Event Batch for Tealium Mobile. These new capabilities will help organizations unlock new mobile capabilities to deliver exceptional customer experiences and drive insights.

Learn more here:

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