Recommit To Your Data Strategy in 2018

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Welcome to 2018. The year Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning will become commonplace – allowing businesses to process masses of data at lightning speed. Meanwhile, a changing global privacy environment will transform data policies and processes like never before.

In a year of such opportunities (and challenges), businesses must ensure their data is in optimal shape to ride the wave of this new world. So forget expensive gym memberships and ditch the diet – it’s time to adopt data resolutions.

Connect The Dots

Data silos – the words that should make any business shiver – need to be consigned to the bin. In our connected world, consumers produce a near constant stream of data across mobile, wearables, and desktop – providing ample opportunity to create a complete picture of an individual. But, to achieve this holistic consumer view, businesses must first connect those data dots by bridging silos and pulling data into a Customer Data Hub. From legal to healthcare, this is applicable for all sectors – there’s no longer an excuse for disjointed data processes.

For any business looking to invest in futuristic technologies, such as AI, to help process, analyze and make data actionable, they must first ensure their data is in prime shape. After all, these technologies are only as useful as the quality of data that powers them.

Prioritize Privacy

In May we’ll welcome the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Designed to consolidate data privacy regulations across the continent, this globally applicable legislation will affect all companies dealing with the data of EU citizens – regardless of Brexit.

While most businesses (we hope!) have already started to prepare, there are relatively simple steps that can ensure compliance ahead of the deadline for those who have yet to begin. There’s no need to ‘rip and replace’ systems and processes.

In fact, the first step is to ensure all data held on a customer is easily visible and retrievable. And what’s the best way to do this? Connect the data dots! By following the steps above – bridging silos and storing all data in a centralized hub – businesses can easily access data held on an individual, empowering them to comply with clauses such as the ‘right to be forgotten’.

For more detailed information on the GDPR, including how to prepare and how Tealium can help you, please refer to our dedicated GDPR webpage here.

Attend Digital Velocity

Held across the globe in New York City, London, Sydney, San Francisco and Tokyo – Tealium’s Digital Velocity events empower businesses to use data to elevate the customer experience. Last year, speakers from household brands including Facebook, TUI, and Microsoft joined Tealium experts on stage to share expertise and valuable insights on data strategies. And in 2018 the agenda is set to be even more impressive.

Digital Velocity delves into the key steps of data management and enables businesses to gain insights into how the big brands themselves collect, store, and process customer insights – ensuring compliance ahead of the GDPR. You can find more information on Tealium’s Digital Velocity events here.

2018 is a year of transformation – from the new privacy landscape to advances in technology, it’s never been more crucial for businesses to ensure their data is in optimal shape. By following these key steps above you can ensure you will be on the path to success to recommitting to your data strategy in the year ahead.

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