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Digital Velocity London reached new heights, with the rise in data propelling businesses forward in their own direction – now it’s time to Ride the Data Wave!

As the importance and complexity of data continues to rise, Tealium has reaffirmed their position as a leader in the data landscape. Over 600 data professionals from across Europe arrived in London for Tealium’s Digital Velocity to partake in the event that hosted over 35 sessions: 12 educational training events, 3 product sessions, 10 customer speakers, 8 roundtables, 3 partner presentations, 2 industry speakers and 1 Ultimate Triathlete – needless to say there was something for everyone.

We’re keen to share 4 key insights and top takeaways from the event:

1. A good plan provides the solid foundation necessary in building success

Keynote and Global Adventurer, James Ketchell, captivated the audience by drawing parallels between the challenges overcome during his expeditions and the daily pitfalls we need to rise against.  James explained the importance behind having solid foundations in ones life and what they can lead us to achieve. A reminder for everyone that wherever you are in your journey, each new step brings a new challenge – but if it’s worth having, it’s worth fighting for!

With many businesses undergoing digital transformation directives, the sentiment of building on strong foundations was echoed in Tealium’s product sneak peeks and roadmap sessions. To improve business performance, visitor engagement must be fueled by quality data. Standardising a robust data collection method is the first step to building a well orchestrated data supply chain that becomes the necessary foundation behind everything a brand does.

2. Success is rarely derived from an individual, but instead from a dynamic and inter-operational team

James Ketchell also reminded everyone that climbing Everest was not a solo venture as no one is able to reach the summit without the help of the Sherpas. This sentiment was echoed by Tealium CEO Jeff Lunsford, before being explored in more detail by Francisco Carvalho Araújo, Product Manager at Monzo Bank.

Recognising people are the cornerstone of a successful business and providing an environment for them to excel accelerates growth, development and innovation – helping your business stand out from the crowd.

Look closely at the core enablers that allow a company to be agile, adapting to change and being ahead of the curve. The more I did that, the more I understood the hidden gem that is the cornerstone of this drive: people, teams and their interactions. If you want to develop a dynamic organisational structure, to build a fast growing startup, or keep innovating in a big corporation, you need to guarantee that its main drivers are well embedded in the people you work with.” Francisco Carvalho Araújo, Product Manager at Monzo Bank

3. The role and use of data is expanding across teams. Individuals are looking to improve their knowledge and understanding of data as a result.

Technological advancements have seen machines reach new levels of intelligence. That is not replacing human work but rather altering the scope and use of data within wider teams in the business. Upcoming and seasoned professionals now have a vested interest in understanding the technological landscape and where different solutions can be used to advance results and take steps towards business transformation. The Tealium Education sessions at Digital Velocity London only further highlighted this desire to upskill and understand more about data management and utilisation.

Of the sessions provided, Tealium EventStream and mobile based Tealium Education training proved most popular, with standing room only in some of the rooms! With mobile devices never far from reach, understanding how to engage with the ‘constantly connected consumer’ provides businesses with an ‘always on’ channel.

Hear from David Morris, Director of Solutions Consulting at Tealium EMEA, and find out how to leverage mobile location data in real-time to influence engagement and garner greater customer insight by going here

4. The explosion of data sources has created variance in goals and achievements as businesses take on individual digital transformation projects

Adopting new technology from the recent abundance in the marketplace has enabled businesses to focus on individual digital transformation initiatives. James Morgan, Head of Information Strategy and Management at Sainsbury’s, shared the complexity of the supply chain that ‘data and analytics shakers’ are working with. The diversity of data touch points made it paramount to standardise data collection and sharing processes, before data activation should be considered in earnest.

Comparatively, Julian Brewer, Head of Digital Marketing at Schroders Bank spoke about the need for first-party data when looking for insights from data activation. The role of third-party data has significantly changed and not solely due to legislative changes. This was explored in more depth during the ‘Third-party Data in a Post-GDPR World- viable?’ session where Jasminder Sidhu, Security Engineering, Design and Governance at Lloyds Banking Group was not alone in stating he’d seen an active shift away from using third-party data as the need for real-time action grows.

Recognising that businesses compete on experience, Martin Vinter, Online Business Developer at Tryg shared his thoughts with others attending ‘The Single Customer View: Mind the Gap’ roundtable. He felt that while a single customer view was possible, the reality of achieving this would take time. Many businesses were in agreement with this and as a first step have managed to clearly define their goals over the last year; identifying the ultimate business objective and regular milestones to review progress.

GORE-TEX® shared their multi-channel measurement framework, designed to analyse conversion and engagement data from their personalisation initiatives. A relaunch of the analytics and tracking infrastructure was the beginning of the transformation to track performance on a global level.

The objectives and progress of each business are clearly different but each has a digital transformation directive to manage the recent influx of data available. The fundamentals, however, were exactly the same.

Each business has standardised on the collection of first party data and tightened the controls around management and data governance. This helped to align data from diverse and disparate silos, ready to be actioned or activated as required.

“The explosion of data sources has created more opportunities than businesses have seen before. Harnessing the value and insight that data provides is helping our customers propel their businesses forward. Hearing customers share their success stories is always inspiring and following this Digital Velocity event in London we hope to see many more of you riding the data wave at DMEXCO in September.” Lindsay McEwan VP and MD Tealium EMEA

To accelerate business growth and digital transformation, book your meeting and/or platform demonstration at DMEXCO by emailing us here.  

Hope you can join us in Riding the Data Wave at DMEXCO!

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