Yahoo Announces Key Updates to Ad Tech Portfolio at Advertising Week

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Yesterday, our friends at Yahoo announced key updates to their advertising technology portfolio at Advertising Week in New York. This includes new product features for Yahoo Gemini, as well as a Preferred Partner Program connecting their advertisers with a community of innovative technology and service providers (which, of course, we just happen to be a part of!).

To dive in a bit, Yahoo introduced a new custom audience feature in Yahoo Gemini that enables advertisers to leverage their own data alongside Yahoo data to efficiently target audiences across devices. What does this mean for Tealium customers? First and foremost, it means that our Tealium AudienceStream users can now reach new audiences within the Yahoo network with the same level of precision you’ve come to expect with AudienceStream. In addition, the Yahoo Gemini platform gives you new flexibility when it comes to target advertising and display type, enabling native advertising across web and mobile experiences.

For any of you not entirely familiar with AudienceStream, it is best known as Tealium’s universal profile management and action engine, and a key component of our real-time customer data platform. Fueled by first-hand knowledge of your customer, AudienceStream enables you to build comprehensive visitor profiles, enrich these profiles with online and offline activity, and then take relevant action in real time within the marketing applications you already use. (Interested in learning more? You can schedule a demo here.)

We’ve been seeing an interesting trend across our customer base, as media spends are shifting more and more to solutions focused on direct targeting based on first-party data and previous experiences. In fact, a majority of our customers employ at least some level of direct targeting to individuals in their ad channels. With this announcement, you can expand that to all of Yahoo’s networks, which happens to boast “165 billion daily events from more than one billion people worldwide and Flurry mobile app behavior from 2 billion devices.” We think that’s something worth writing home about.

Congrats to the Yahoo team on bringing these updates to market, and we look forward to seeing what sorts of magic can happen when the power of our solutions are combined.

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