Friday Favorites: 5 MarTech Articles You Don’t Want To Miss

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MarTech news is exciting, innovative and everywhere – feel like you can’t get through it all? We’ve got you covered each Friday as we share our top recommended readings for the week.

7 Podcasts That Will Make You A Smarter Leader
An Inc.500 Article

In their ongoing mission to learn the most crucial new developments impacting the business world, many successful tech investors stay up to date with podcasts. Entrepreneurs and business leaders alike can give themselves a competitive edge by tapping into the same sources of information investors use to stay on top of their game. Keep reading...

The Transformative Potential of AI
A MarketingTech News Article

The AI market is evolving very quickly, in two quite different directions. Though hopes of AI coming full circle will allow it to become an integrated capability able to address multiple needs without individual programming for each one. Keep reading

Why Chief Innovation Officers Must Bridge The Collaboration Gap
A Forbes Article

Just as new technologies have disrupted the enterprise and created the roles of Chief Technology and Chief Information Officer, the C-suite is poised for continued expansion this year with the rise of the Chief Innovation Officer. With these empowered CIO’s, large organizations recognize that successful innovation is more and more complex to achieve and require an all-encompassing approach including people, technology and collaboration. Keep reading

Five Ways Brands Are Screwing Up Customer Engagement: How You Can Get It Right
A MarketingProfs Article

Customer engagement really isn’t all that complicated. At its core, it’s the act of keeping a brand in front of someone on a consistent basis in a way that adds meaningful value to the relationship. Yet so many brands are engaging or not engaging in these ways and are missing the mark. Keep reading

Behind The Scenes of the MarTech 5000 Landscape
A MarketingLand Podcast

The latest MarTech landscape infographic was recently published and it’s no surprise how much this industry is growing as more brands are added into categories like social media marketing & monitoring, mobile marketing, dashboards and more. But what does it all mean? How are marketers suppose to act on these 5,000 company logos? Listen below. 

MarTech Series Interview with Adam Corey, VP of Marketing at Tealium
A Tealium Article

MarTech’s Interview Series recently sat down for a fun Q&A style chat with industry veteran and Tealium’s very own martech leader, Adam Corey, VP of Marketing, for questions on all things inspiration, technology trends and more. Keep reading...

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