Adobe Summit Ban Speaks Volumes About Tag Management Industry Leadership

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If someone you knew was having a cool party, but couldn’t invite you because of a potential conflict of interest, what would you do?

A) Throw your own party at a hotel next door and poach guests as they come and go?

B) Or realize that the conflict of interest is legitimate, and maintain positive relations with that person?

That scenario is playing out in Salt Lake City this week at the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit, one of the biggest digital marketing events of the year, and it speaks volumes about maturity and leadership in the fast-growing tag management industry.

If you hadn’t heard, Adobe banned all tag management vendors, including Tealium, from exhibiting at its annual event just weeks before the summit was to begin. Its reason? It has a competing product.

That’s certainly understandable, and no hard feelings here. Although we couldn’t exhibit, Adobe allowed us to send several representatives to meet and network with the digital elite, including many existing Tealium customers and prospects. We appreciate that. More importantly, we respect that.

Adobe is a strategic vendor that we manage in a unique way within our platform. It’s critical that we maintain an optimal relationship – not burn bridges – so that we can continue to support our customers and their choice to use and manage Adobe products through the Tealium platform.

In addition to Adobe, Tealium fully supports all other web analytics vendors, as evidenced by our recent announcement with Webtrends, which is using Tealium to deliver turnkey web analytics implementations for its customers.

As the leader and fastest-growing provider of enterprise tag management, our goal is to fully embrace the entire digital marketing ecosystem, and have positive relationships with each of those players. Why? Because that’s what’s best for our customers. A robust digital marketing ecosystem gives them ultimate choice and flexibility in choosing the solution that best fits their needs.

Leadership isn’t just about getting customers, it’s about serving those customers better. The rest will follow.

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