eMetrics San Jose – A Time to Shine

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It’s been a while since our last blog post. We’ve all been extremely busy preparing for eMetrics San Jose and the release of version 1.5 of Tealium Social Media, which was announced during the show.

For this post, we wanted to provide a recap of eMetrics in San Jose.

First,  hats off to Jim Sterne and the folks at eMetrics for putting together another great show, this time at the beautiful Fairmont Hotel in San Jose. The event was well attended and it was great to see some of the top talent in the industry including Bryan Eisenberg, Eric Peterson, Avinash Kaushik, Bob Page, Anil Batra, and others.

One of the first impressions at the event is the change in mood from eMetrics DC in October 2008. While the theme at the previous event was “Do More with Less”, this show’s primary theme was “A Time to Shine”. Hopefully this is sign of improvement in the marketplace. While 6 months ago businesses were bracing for cuts, many today are preparing for a rebound and we’re hopeful that the theme at eMetrics is a reflection of the oversall economy.

The show was well attended and featured some great presentations and panels from Bryan Eisenberg, Jim Novo, Tim Ash, Danny Sullivan and more. As usual, Google introduced some new features and functionalities in Google Analytics, including Pivoting and Secondary Dimensions, two features that provide yet more advanced capabilities to Google Analytics.

However, the primary take-away from the show is that social media marketing has arrived. More companies are inquiring about social media marketing and measurement best practices than ever before, and there was a great presentation by Erik Bratt from Engage Social Media about the use of measurement to monetize social media. This of course, was welcome news for Tealium Social Media.

Again, congratulations to Jim Sterne for a great event. He proved once again, why eMetrics is the premiere show in the field of web analytics.

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