What Google Tag Manager Means to the Tag Management Industry

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Google today announced the launch of Google Tag Manager, which marks Google’s entry into the tag management field. The new tool will help manage Google-related online marketing products, such as Google Analytics. Here’s what some experts in tag management and digital marketing think about the new launch.

ALI BEHNAM, CEO of Tealium

“Google Tag Manager helps validate the fast-growing tag management market, while also reflecting the increasing demand for solutions that streamline digital complexity. It will be a good fit for small businesses that have limited digital marketing requirements, and are dependent on Google products, such as Google Analytics. However, it is probably not an option for enterprise web sites that rely on a wide array of digital marketing vendors and have complex needs. One issue that Google will face is vendor neutrality. According to a recent report by Econsultancy, “The ROI of Tag Management,” the number one vendor criteria among those looking for a tag management solution is vendor neutrality, i.e., the ability to work with any technology vendor. It is simply not in Google’s best interest to integrate with competing solutions for web analytics, retargeting, advertising and more. This hurts marketing’s ability to use the solution(s) that best fit their needs.”

ANDREW EDWARDS, CEO, Technology Leaders; Founder, Digital Analytics Association

“When Google came out with Google Analytics (GA), it made web analytics almost a household name among marketers.While targeted mostly at smaller businesses, the offering was good enough for many and created a much larger ecosphere for analytics generally.  Google’s tag management solution promises to do the same for tagging–providing a tool for managing Google Analytics tags in the small to medium-sized market, while giving the field of tag management the higher profile it deserves.”

JUDAH PHILLIPS, Digital Analytics Executive; Former Sr. Director, Monster Worldwide

“It is no surprise that Google, whose business requires tagging to generate revenue, recognizes the need for their customers to more effectively manage implementations of tag-dependent Google products. I expect Google to replicate and attempt to improve on existing features of TMS (tag management systems) technologies as it enters this new and important market in the digital channel, thereby, driving interest in existing proven TMS vendors such as Tealium. Google’s entry into this market is another positive sign of the importance of using big data, analytics, and research – enabled by TMS – to drive Internet commerce and community.”

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