Making the Most of Your Web Site with Tag Management

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Imagine yourself on the shore of a beautiful Caribbean beach. The palms trees are swaying lightly in the breeze and your favorite frozen cocktail is resting beside you. At this point, you are soaking in the moment and probably not thinking about how you got to such a wonderful place, but let’s take a look anyway. Most likely you used a travel site. Think of that travel site and how much they provided for your travel needs. Hotels, cars, flights, cruises and much more are offered through these one-stop web sites. Booking your getaway is much easier to complete all at once instead of booking each element separately.

What does this have to do with Tealium? Well, in addition to enterprise tag management, we help you make the most of your web site initiatives in a number of different ways. Whether it’s link tracking, A/B testing, content modification or affiliate tracking, our product is a flexible tool that helps make life easier for your team. We currently provide many turnkey customizations that allow you to extend your integration beyond tag management.

One of the many questions our clients keep asking us is, “What else can Tealium do to remove the involvement of the IT team?” Let’s discuss a few items just to give you a taste.

    • Link tracking is a big request from our customers. Whereas a typical internal release cycle would be needed to enable this functionality, Tealium delivers this with a few simple configurations and a quick publish. After a few moments the change is live and any link click will package up the appropriate data and fire off that data to your web analytics vendor such as Google Analytics or Adobe SiteCatalyst.

  • A/B testing is another request we receive often. Clients need the ability to test vendors against each other. Say you are looking to add product recommendations to your site, but you want to pilot each vendor and measure the results. No problem, we have you covered! With our product you can have this test up and running within a few minutes.
  • Thinking of all the affiliates that are supported on your site may make you need another sip of that cocktail. Tealium can also track affiliates to help you determine not only which affiliate helped push that sale, but also the order of affiliates leading up to that sale. Sometimes you want to give credit to more than one affiliate, so with affiliate tracking you know each affiliate that supported the sale.

These are only a few of the many customizations that Tealium provides beyond enterprise tag management. Some of the out-of-the-box customizations were a request from clients. However, some of the customizations have been provided because we understand the need for our solution to be flexible. As Ty’s last blog post explained, it is easy to setup Tealium to interact with various web analytics vendors. However, as we all know not every integration is a textbook example. There are always one-offs and unusual configurations that throw a loop into the integration. Our solution is designed so that whatever arises can be dealt with in the most simple way possible. Even if the tools provided do not meet your criteria, we still have other methods of meeting your requests. Now that’s something I’d raise my glass to any day!

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