How Tealium is Different from Other Tag Management Tools

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All of us at here at Tealium take pride knowing that we are creating solutions that make the lives of digital marketers and IT professionals easier, while improving the experiences of their online visitors. Recently, Ram Manohar Bokkisa, Only Web Analytics  blogger, shared his experiences working with Tealium iQ and how it differs from any other tag management system on the market. Check out a few excerpts from his blog and a link to read the full post below.

“The present buzz in web analytics industry is tag management (Don’t know why? Read the basics of Tag Management System). Recently I compared three free tag management tools, Google Tag Manager, Qubit Open Tag and DC Storm Tag Manager. All of the above tools are either free or free up to certain extent depending upon the number of page views the tags has been served. But there are separate set of premium tools such as Ensighten, Bright Tag, Tealium and others which are being used by most of the enterprise clients. All these premium tools have been present in the market for quite a good bit of time and each of them is trying to become the market leader with their features.

Fortunately, I have had a chance to work with Tealium and Ensighten. Both of them are pretty good tools to implement on a website but I would like to specially write about Tealium because of my love toward the tool and its awesome features that make it a tool like no other tool in the market.

So what makes Tealium unique and different from other tag management tools in the market? Let’s take a dive in to the various features and how they affect your implementation capability. Before reading further I just want to convey that all the opinions in the present post are purely based on my experience with the various tools…”

Read the full blog post here

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