Never Update Your Order Confirmation Page Code Again

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As our clients are discovering, with tag management, it’s the little things that make a big difference. You may purchase a tag management solution solely for the ability to add new tags quickly. But, as you’ll see with Tealium’s solution, you get a lot more. At first these may seem like little things, but these additional benefits save you and your team from some big headaches.

Here’s a specific example, the “order – thank you” page.

If you’ve ever added a tag to your order confirmation page (either a web analytics tag or a marketing pixel) then you know that this is no easy task. The reason is every digital marketing vendor collects information in their own unique format. There really are no two tags alike. And in my experience, these order tracking implementations are not intuitive (maybe ‘crazy’ is a better word). Because these tags are tricky, they are often implemented incorrectly in the first attempt.

Tealium’s tag management solution has decoded and deciphered this for you. That means you only have to set a standard set of variables (product, order ID, quantity, etc) one time. That’s right, just once.

For those of us who have gone through the process multiple times, this is exciting news as you realize you won’t have to get your web developers involved in deciphering another tag’s requirements on the order confirmation page again.

Take a look at the samples below. This example shows only a few tags, but imagine there are 5-10 or more.

/***** Before Tealium *****/
// lots of individual sections of detailed javascript code

// Google Analytics

// SiteCatalyst”purchase,event1″;

// Performics
img src=”^S123^O123
&prcatnm=food^hygiene^beverage&cart=0&FXSrc=USD” width=”1″ height=”1″

// Commission Junction
img src=”
&DISCOUNT=0.00&CURRENCY=USD&METHOD=IMG” height=”1″ width=”20″

// PepperJam
iframe src=”
&OID=1234567890&CURRENCY=USD” width=”1″ height=”1″

// etc

All of these tags can be removed as Tealium condenses these all down to just one tag. Then Tealium packages up the order details and sends it to all of the tags you have enabled for your order page. And don’t forget the same is true for your product detail or cart page.

One more benefit to consider is the ability to get your product categories into Adobe SiteCatalyst at time of order. Most likely, in your original SiteCatalyst implementation process, you were told to leave out the product categories because you can add them later via the Omniture SAINT tool.

Your products variable may look like this:

But wouldn’t it be nice to simply add the product categories at the time of the order? Why manage a separate spreadsheet that is a duplicate of data you have available at the time of the order? Tealium makes this possible. No more need to upload category data offline using Omniture SAINT. You can add the product categories immediately.

Just another example of how Tealium simplifies tag management.

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