How a Leading eCommerce Company Tamed the ‘Wild West’ of Site Performance

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While addressing the audience at Tealium Digital Velocity 2016, a customer described the state of tags on their website prior to Tealium as the ‘Wild West.’ Tags were everywhere. There was no rhyme or reason nor control and governance over what vendor tags were added or how they were added. Even worse, the chaos was negatively affecting site performance and revenue.

Many elements can impact site performance, such as speed of the hosting provider, page design, number of HTTP requests, and more. One of the largest offenders is the aggregation of marketing vendor tags on site pages. Tags can dramatically impact site performance in a number of ways, including poor tag design, slow response time associated with the collection servers, tag placement and the sheer number of tags on pages.

Watch Toys “R” Us Director of eCommerce Optimization, Michael Vanderhoof, share his experience of how introducing Tealium iQ led to more than just an improvement in the implementation and management of tags—but the establishment of process guidelines, faster site performance, increased conversions and digital maturity.


How would you describe the state of tags on your website? Neat and orderly or the ‘Wild West?’ Or worse yet, a ‘black hole?’ Do you regularly monitor site performance and review changes in page load after adding new vendor tags? And what about your mobile experience?

As a marketer, you strive to provide the best online experience for your customers. Digital businesses are implementing a wide array of new technologies with the goal of improving customer experience and increasing revenue. Yet these new technologies, if not methodically implemented, can do the opposite and significantly hurt site performance and conversion.

Site performance matters. Customers are extremely susceptible to this issue— even the slightest change in load time can significantly affect conversions. Each second of reduction in page load times can improve conversion and engagement by 7%. Read more in the Top 8 ROI Considerations for Tag Management.

You don’t have to sacrifice great customer experiences for speed and performance. Tealium leads the industry in developing tag management best practices and has incorporated a number of techniques to minimize the effect tags have on site performance.

Interested in learning more about the ROI of tag management? Schedule a customized demo or check out these great additional resources.

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