Tealium Podcast: Getting to the Other Side of the Pixels

 In Tag Management

Adam Corey, VP of Marketing at Tealium, was recently interviewed by DMN’s Executive Director, Kim Davis, on “Getting To the Other Side of the Pixels.”

In this podcast Corey explains that enterprise tag management is the first step in the journey to in-the-moment marketing, and what’s important about tags is the data flow that tells you about the “person on the other side of the pixels.”

Listen to the podcast today and learn more about:

  • Understanding that being able to act on data better will allow for better customer experiences
  • Tag management as the foundation marketers need to take control of data. It can bring together data that would otherwise be separated and siphoned off. Marketers can now control this in a much realer way!
  • How having a holistic data layer provides one ,single source of truth that everyone within an organization can access

View now!

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