Customer Data Platform Kit

One single, data-first platform that allows you to unify customer data in one place and make that data available to all systems in your tech stack? It’s possible with the right CDP.


Questions to Ask Before Starting a CDP Project

Customer Data Platforms promise a lot, but the technology differs vastly from vendor to vendor. We’ve put together the top 15 questions you need to ask to find the right vendor— and make sure you’re ready for a CDP project internally.

How Organizations Buy, Implement, and Use CDPs

We surveyed over 300 CDP users to learn the challenges they faced, the ways they overcame them, and the role they see CDPs playing in the future.


CDP Workshop, Part 1: How Organizations Buy, Implement and Use Customer Data Platforms

With the Customer Data Platform (CDPs) space becoming more crowded than ever, there’s enormous confusion around what a CDP should do – as well as what CDP is right for each specific business or organization.

In Part 1 of our CDP Workshop we discuss:

  • How they are leveraging CDPs today
  • The challenges they face with current vendors, and
  • Their future plans for CDP technology

Build or Buy My CDP? Maximizing ROI, Minimizing Risk

Privacy regulations and personalization trends have every company looking into a CDP to govern and take action on customer data. But the first question you have to answer for your business is, “Do we build or buy?”

To help you make an informed decision, Ted Sfikas, RVP of Solutions Consulting (NA/LatAm), will explore the business cases for building and buying. With so many companies facing growing customer datasets at a time when budgets are tightening and regulations are increasing, the time to bring customer data under control is now.

Customer Success Stories

Industry-leading brands are adopting a data-first CDP as a core part of building their customer experiences.


Case Study

The Utah Jazz Double the Conversion Rate of Any Other NBA Team
How the NBA team increased email ticket sales and converted twice as many leads as their closest competitor using a CDP to help tailor their email marketing efforts with more strategic audience creation.

Case Study

Cambia Health Solutions Securely Uses Data to Transform the Customer Experience

How the leading healthcare provider stitched customer data together with their CDP across their digital properties to provide better customer experiences, all while adhering to major compliance and governance regulations.

Case Study

Making Marketing More Effective
How the world’s largest provider of adventure travel experiences solved its biggest challenges: multiple marketing channels, various operators and siloed data. The business needed to re-evaluate its marketing so programs of work better aligned with its wider purpose of delivering “the best travel experience ever.”

CDPs at Work in Various Industries

Different industries have different demands, but a CDP can help them all in various ways.


From In-Person to Online: How a CDP Can Help Retailers in a Time of Change
Now more than ever, retailers need the agility to respond to changing consumer tastes and the world around them. See how a CDP enables this and more.


In Data We Trust: How a CDP Can Help Financial Service Orgs in a Time of Uncertainty

How can banking and financial services organizations build customer trust and provide one-to-one engagement in a time when in-person interactions are limited? A CDP at the center of your customer data tech stack can help make it happen.

White Paper

The Path to Predictive Healthcare Experiences
Machine learning and artificial intelligence have already transformed the way doctors treat patients. With a secure Customer Data Platform, healthcare companies can bring the power of machine learning to the rest of the patient experience.

Tips for Getting Buy-in for Your CDP

Our research found that getting buy-in from executives and different departments is one of the biggest challenges a CDP initiative will face. Here’s our tips for getting over that hurdle.

Fuel Your Personalization with a Data-First CDP

Tealium’s Customer Data Platform is a complete foundation for all of your customer data, giving your company an independent, vendor neutral way to store and orchestrate data across the entire tech stack.

What is a CDP?


Unlock More Personalization Potential with Machine Learning

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CDP insights can now be powered by Predict Machine Learning

Customer Data Platforms bring more intelligent audience creation to the entire tech stack. Fuel personalized, real-time customer experiences through predictive behavior models built on trusted, quality datasets.