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Your Maturity is Pioneer

The imperative for customer data and analytics among Pioneers is to influence every interaction and improve the experience that customers encounter across touchpoints. They have a strong multidisciplinary team of business-savvy data analysts and marketing technologists supported by a strong customer data and analytics platform and services partner network. Customer data and analytics has significant executive buy-in and is used to guide decisions that drive business metrics across the customer life cycle. Formal ROI methodologies are in place to build the business case for customer analytics investments, requiring a tight relationship between customer metrics and financial performance.

On the right we’ve provided a few tips to help get you to the next stage, but we’d love to provide you with even more helpful insights one-on-one.

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  • Tip #1

    Invest in emerging analytical methods like deep learning and reinforcement learning.

  • Tip #2

    Combine analytics across the customer lifecycle and lifetime value analysis to determine and deliver the “next best experience” to customers in real time.

  • Tip #3

    Close the “feedback loop” to continuously improve models based on the efficacy of past interventions.

  • Tip #4

    Productize customer insights by delivering value to customers using insights from their data.

  • Tip #5

    Consider privacy-compliant data and insights partnerships with other firms.

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