Digital Virtualocity After Party

Stay in the DATA-lution a Little Longer

The Power of Data & Personalization: Understanding Your Customers’ “Why” (Keynote)
Featuring Wunderman Thompson

In a world where customer brand loyalty is highly dynamic and often fleeting, the key to successfully winning, serving and retaining customers and their loyalty requires delivering unprecedented relevancy in the buyer’s journey with the brand. In this keynote session, Tealium CMO Heidi Bullock joins data and CX experts from Wunderman Thompson to discuss what today’s marketers need to know to establish powerful differentiation through data-led, individualized experiences to drive growth.

Digital Innovation with AWS

Digital transformation is forcing companies to either adapt, evolve, and lead the next wave of innovation or be left behind. From manufacturing to healthcare, digital transformation is enabling businesses and industries to reinvent products, create new buying channels, and revolutionize the experiences we share with a brand. In this session, AWS will discuss how digital transformation is unblocking innovation for a wide range of industries and customers across the globe.

Precision Growth & Human Experience in the Next Normal

Digital transformation and superior human experience delivery has been the focus for all consumer facing businesses over the last several years. But in the COVID-19 induced Next Normal” this needs to be combined with answers to questions such as:

1) What type of growth will shape a desirable Next Normal?
2) Which old moments can we better serve, and which new moments can we create? 3) What type of growth offers the most potential upside?
4) What quick wins can achieve immediate results and fund future growth?

Taking cues from trends that are already shaping in China, we hope to discuss approaches to the challenges above based on where each organisation might be in its digital maturity.