Early Access Opportunity

3 Features: Enhanced Data Sources, Enhanced Live Events & Event Specifications

Attention AudienceStream, EventStream (fka Cloud Delivery) and DataAccess Customers: We want your help! We’ve made enhancements to our Data Sources and Live Events features, while adding a new feature called Event Specifications to better ensure your data is complete and can be widely used across your stack. Want to try them out? It’s quick and easy to sign up and your feedback will help us create the best tool for you.

To get early access to this exciting new functionality, simply respond to our Early Access survey in your Digital Velocity mobile app and we’ll email you directions on Monday.


Additional Details

Enhanced Data Sources

Data Sources is a new feature making it easier to set up data sources in the Customer Data Hub.

  • Central Marketplace – Quickly add Data Sources to your account and get installation instructions from a central place.
  • Get Code – Go beyond general instructions with ‘Get Code’ functionality so that you can setup a new source and get the actual code to install at the same time.
  • Manage Event Specifications at Setup – Add specs for new sources right when you add them.

Event Specifications

Event Specifications are lists of standardized attributes that should be associated with particular types of events.

  • Easily Manage Data Quality – By defining Event Specs, you can identify valid, invalid and undefined data in real time.
  • Ensure Data Flowing in is Complete & Consistent – Critical for using that data to drive customer experience.

Enhanced Live Events

The Live Events Feature has always been a useful tool to monitor and inspect real-time data flowing into the Customer Data Hub.

  • Deeper Insights AND Tools to Take Action – Live Events has been enhanced with new visuals and tools allowing you to manage and activate that data.
  • Assess Levels of Valid, Invalid and Undefined Data – And define new specs to ensure all data is complete and consistent.
  • Create New, Real-time Event Feeds and Assign Actions – Use feeds to drive customer experience actions in real time.

Sign up today! And don’t forget, if you ever have any questions, your account manager is standing by to help.