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Onestop Streamlines Management of 1,200 Vendor Tags for More Than 40 Client Brands

E-commerce solutions provider sees massive boost in efficiency and revenue using Tealium tag management to manage disparate marketing technologies.

  • Managing 1,200 tags for more than 40 client sites
  • Decreased marketing efficiency and campaign performance
  • Reliance on IT and developer resources to manage tags
  • Use Tealium iQ™ tag management system to easily add, edit or remove any vendor tag
  • Centralize management of mission-critical marketing technologies
  • Marketers can deploy tags in minutes without ongoing reliance on IT resources
  • Significant IT cost savings and ability to focus on other strategic initiatives
  • Achieve triple-digit efficiency gains and accelerated campaign campaign launches

Onestop runs the e-commerce operations for some of the world’s top retailers, including Juicy Couture, The Frye Company, Coffee Bean, J Brand, Rag & Bone, NYDJ, Hudson Jeans, AG Jeans, True Religion, and dozens more. Although Onestop retailers represent a diverse set of products—from surf-inspired sandals to luxury denim, performance sheets, and computer eyewear—each business counts on Onestop to maximize online sales and bring the retailer’s vision to life.

To help clients achieve these objectives, Onestop relies on a broad array of tag-based digital marketing solutions. Jake Williams, director of e-commerce marketing at Onestop, says that success depends on expedient technology deployment. “Our services are customized for each retailer, so we must be able to quickly integrate a complex mix of vendor tags to support digital marketing initiatives across more than 40 brands. The Tealium iQ tag management system accelerates and simplifies the process, dramatically improving our efficiency and facilitating revenue-critical deployments.”

Bring Order to Marketing Chaos

Founded in 2003, Onestop manages all aspects of the client’s e-commerce channel. Onestop marketers work with each retailer to develop acquisition and retention strategies, integrating search engine marketing and optimization, display advertising, affiliate offers, and e-mail marketing objectives to maximize online revenues. The company’s data-centric approach to increasing revenue demands both agility and flexibility in tag deployment. Williams explains, “Digital marketing moves quickly and the pace continues to accelerate. Revenue growth requires technology diversification. Efficient tag management is critical in our ability to rapidly bring new solutions to clients.” In 2010, deploying and managing tag-based marketing technologies was a complex and lengthy process. The procedure for a single tag deployment included opening an IT engineering ticket, QA testing, uploading code changes, and several additional steps requiring hours of work and as much as six weeks to execute. Multiplied across the web and the mobile sites of dozens of clients, the effort needed and the impact that resulted were detrimental to business. “Our clients simply could not afford to wait weeks for us to launch a new marketing technology,” Williams concedes. “We needed to become a self-service organization where performance marketers could launch and manage tags on their own, quickly and easily.”

Tealium for Efficient Tag Management

Today, Tealium iQ allows Onestop marketers to manage their own tags, ending reliance on IT and eliminating deployment bottlenecks. Additionally, the Onestop team makes use Tealium’s set of product extensions that enables fast setup of more advanced capabilities, such as conditional load rules, event tracking, and other customized data collection. Onestop digital marketers now utilize Tealium iQ to increase efficiency across digital marketing channels for more than 40 client brands. With five to dozens of tags per site, the total number of tags deployed through Tealium across all of Onestop’s client network can exceed 1,200. “Before we implemented Tealium tag management,” Williams acknowledges, “deploying new technologies was painful, with delays that kept us from delivering maximum value to our clients. In contrast, we can now launch tags within minutes. We also benefit from point-and-click access to Tealium’s huge ecosystem of integrated technology partners. Tealium serves as the facilitator that allows our brands to leverage digital marketing technologies whenever and wherever they need them. Because of the agility and flexibility it affords Onestop and our clients, Tealium iQ has effectively become institutionalized in our marketing process. Tealium eliminates complexity, saves time and resources, and helps us quickly launch the campaigns that drive results for client businesses.”

Creating a Self-Service Marketing Department

“Today we’re a totally self-service marketing department,” Williams says, “doing all of our own tag management, with no need for engineering resources. Deploying a tag within minutes gives us much greater agility in launching campaigns and also gives us engineering benefits because our engineers are able to focus on their core responsibilities of enriching the Onestop e-commerce platform.” Onestop estimates that savings over the first year in staffing resources were significant, ensuring a rapid ROI of the Tealium solution. Williams notes that the availability of Tealium product extensions also streamlines more complicated data collection and data mapping processes. “We do a fair amount of custom work for our brands. For example, we’re using 19 product extensions for a single tag that collects behavior at the interaction level—in this case, at every line in a checkout process. I was able to set that up myself, although we do have a marketing analytics team that writes extensions (utilizing the jQuery library) for more customized data collection. Historically those tasks would have all had to go back to engineering. Today, even the most complex tag deployments take marketing no more than two or three days.”

Huge Efficiency Gains

Consistency has been another major area of improvement. In the past, for example, Onestop staff had to manually manage—and troubleshoot—behavioral remarketing campaigns across every page on every client site. With Tealium, marketers can easily replicate tag profiles across brands. “If something goes wrong,” Williams observes, “it goes wrong everywhere, so it’s easy to focus troubleshooting on a single area where that pixel is deployed. “For the most part, we’ve made integration with Tealium a requisite for doing business with Onestop. That’s primarily because of the speed and efficiency we realize and can pass along as added value to our clients. All told, I’d estimate Tealium has allowed us to achieve well north of a 100 percent boost in efficiency.”

Increased Revenue for Onestop

Being able to quickly turn on data collection to show immediate value helps Onestop compete for new business, as well as drive revenue opportunities for existing clients. “Tealium helps us generate revenue in a variety of ways,” Williams continues. “A tag management system is only as good as its ecosystem of integrated tags, and Tealium’s marketplace represents more than 750—and counting—major online vendors. That’s important in attracting new business; for example, when we’re able to tell potential clients that we can support all of their existing technology relationships and continue to collect the same data and a lot more on the new site that we deploy for them. On the retention side, we know we’ll be able to rapidly deploy whatever technologies the client brings to us. If a retailer wants to run a 30-day program to see if it has value, we can roll it out immediately—and just as easily replace it with another if it doesn’t return desired results. Clients also understand the value we provide in managing large numbers of tags on their behalf. Tealium makes that enablement simple.”

Sharing a Strategic Vision

“In choosing a foundational platform,” Williams concludes, “it’s important to understand the experience and vision behind the technology. From our first meetings with the Tealium management team, we knew they understood our challenges—and opportunities—as digital marketers. Ultimately, it’s all about the consumers that shop on our brand sites: How do we better target them, provide value, convert them into buyers, and retain them as customers? In our approach, we believe that we share a strategic vision with Tealium—that is, to leverage all of our digital data to view customers through a single, powerful lens. Building on Tealium solutions, we’ll be able to more intelligently exploit data to provide the richest-possible experience for shoppers, simultaneously expanding our reach and driving revenue for Onestop and its partner brands.”

About Onestop

Founded in 2003, Onestop is a full-spectrum e-commerce partner backed by blue-chip investors Bessemer Venture Partners and Fung Capital USA (Li & Fung). The company’s integrated technology, design, marketing, imaging, customer service, and warehouse facility is located in Los Angeles, California. Focusing on the unique needs of each partner, Onestop manages all aspects of the e-commerce channel. Solutions leverage six seamlessly integrated core service modules: Performance Marketing, Enterprise Platform, Creative Development, Digital Imaging & Video, Warehousing & Fulfillment, and Customer Service. (

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