Universal Tag Version 2

We are pleased to announce the availability of version 2 of Tealium Universal Tag. The new version provides many new enhancements following several enterprise-level web analytics deployments with large number of platforms, including SiteCatalyst, Omniture Insight, Google Analytics, Yahoo! Web Analytics, Unica NetInsight, Webtrends and Coremetrics, as well as a number of digital marketing solutions such as DoubleClick, Atlas, ForeSee Results and more.

Some of the new functionality include:

  • Improved multi-vendor support: the new version provides a superior method for complex implementations with multiple vendors. For example, non-technical users can map page tag values differently into various web analytics solutions, while also mapping them to their PPC bid management tool.
  • Attribution management: designed specifically for clients using multiple affiliates, version 2 of Tealium Universal Tag has the ability to conditionally send data only to the winning affiliate(s).
  • Multi-currency support: the new version of Universal Tag supports transactions in multiple currencies for digital marketing vendors that do not provide such support by conducting on-the-fly conversions to the supported currency.
  • Universal data capture: this feature allows non-technical users to automatically capture data elements from the page and map them to their web analytics and digital marketing solutions. Examples of such data elements include microformats, meta tags, in-page style elements, query parameters, cookie values, etc.

We’ll be publishing a number of case studies on Universal Tag deployments soon. In the meantime, to see Universal Tag in action, please contact us.

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