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Data is the language of customer relationships and today’s digital businesses need a unified approach to managing data across teams, vendors, and customer touchpoints.

Tealium allows organizations to build a future-proof, organziation-wide data strategy that enables teams to embrace agility while maintaining data governance and protection.

How Tealium Addresses Data Governance and Privacy Concerns

Data Collection

  • Client-side tag management system
  • Privacy widget
  • Explicit opt in and global opt out
  • DNT (Do Not Track)
  • Load rules and data mapping
  • Audit via Verify and DataSource View

Data Processing

  • Global processing footprint
  • Geo latent based routing
  • Intrusion detection
  • Multi factor authentication
  • Roles and permissions

Data Storage

  • You Choose Location
  • Private clouds available
  • Purge rules

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