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Driving Contextual Marketing Experiences in the Increasingly Anonymous Era

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La gran mayoría de los visitantes del sitio web son anónimos: un 97 o 98 por ciento, según diferentes estudios. Para la mayoría de empresas, supone que solo un 2 o 3 por ciento de los visitantes comparten una dirección de correo electrónico u otro dato de identificación de la información que les califica como "conocido".

Despite this staggering figure, today’s marketers focus most of their efforts to engage the small minority of known prospects via email. Anonymous data plays an important and direct role when it comes to driving contextual marketing experiences – enabling not only more relevant interactions with visitors in an unknown state, but also more compelling known customer experiences.

In this report, seasoned industry analyst Andrew Jones makes the case for marketers to leverage first-party, anonymous data to engage prospects and customers far more effectively than their competitors – and provides the technical guidance needed to achieve success.

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