Top 5 Tealium Resources for a Happy New Year

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As we approach a new year with excitement for new beginnings, what better time to explore how to connect your data across teams, vendors, and touchpoints for integrated data in 2017.

Here are 2016’s top five resources from Tealium to start the new year with more on integrating everything!

Powering Cross-Channel Customer Experiences

Every vendor in the marketing technology stack can benefit from access to a clean source of real-time, actionable customer data. By building a technology strategy that puts customer data at the center, marketers are guaranteed to generate more valuable insights, gain a better understanding of the customer, and take real-time action in the most relevant channel.

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Forrester Report: How Dirty is Your Data?

Selon Forrester, le traitement des données client par les spécialistes marketing est devenu trop permissif, poussant ainsi les consommateurs et législateurs à demander un changement colossal des droits de collecte de données des organisations. Les organisations ont donc besoin de politiques de gouvernance des données appropriées afin de garantir le respect des principes de la gestion de l'identité personnelle.

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Driving Contextual Marketing Experiences in the Increasingly Anonymous Era

In this report, industry analyst Andrew Jones makes the case for marketers to leverage first-party, anonymous data to engage prospects and customers far more effectively than their competitors — and provides the technical guidance needed to achieve success.

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Tidying the Marketing Technology Stack

What if you could simplify and organize your marketing data once, and use it to continuously spark customer engagement? What if you could declutter your marketing strategy, to finally unify your customer data and deliver better customer experiences in real time?

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Future-Proof Your Marketing Technology Stack

In this whitepaper, industry analyst David Raab makes the case for ‘future-proofing’ your marketing technology stack with a flexible and extensible framework.

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Wishing you a happy new year and a joyful 2017!

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