Tag Management is Fueling Digital Marketing 2.0

Whenever someone lays claim to ‘the next generation’ of a movement I always question the purpose and meaning.

Having lived through the consolidation of the web analytic spaces and subsequent adoption of the almighty TAG for all things digital marketing, it was obvious to me that something had to change.  Tags – the kind required by most digital marketing vendors — are inherently good. They fuel our precious digital marketing platforms and help measure, manage and optimize the online business channel.

The issue is that while tags are good, they are also time consuming and cause page load performance degradation. We see companies loading 20, 30, 50 – sometimes more than 100 tags on a single page!

If Digital Marketing 1.0 was ‘The Rise of the Tag,” then it would make sense that Digital Marketing 2.0 should be considered “Harnessing the Power of Tags.”

The notion of tag management is to create a platform where all of a company’s digital marketing tags can be removed from the site and replaced with a methodology that not only manages tags, but also provides a sum greater than the parts. Simply pasting your tags into a container and wrapping some rules around it is not the point.  As an ambassador and leading provider of tag management, it is Tealium’s job to help define exactly what this space should be, and it is my belief that tag management will be the foundation for all things digital marketing in the next few years.

Companies should realize the value of tag management in a number of ways, including:

  • Page load acceleration
  • Data management
  • Dramatic time and cost savings
  • Improved measurement and accuracy
  • Greater marketing agility
  • Simplified work flow
  • Freedom to test and switch vendors with minimal effort
  • Tag-less implementations

Tealium will be diving much deeper into what Digital Marketing 2.0 truly means, but in a nutshell, tag management changes everything.

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