Qu'est-ce que le Tag Management ?


A tag, sometimes called a pixel, is a piece of JavaScript code that most Martech vendors require users to integrate into their web and mobile sites to perform a task such as advertising, live chat, and product recommendations. In addition to supporting your digital marketing efforts, these ‘tags’ collect unique visitor behavior information.

Qu'est-ce qu'une balise ?


A tag management system (TMS) makes it simple for users to implement, manage, and maintain tags on their digital properties with an easy to use web interface. Using a TMS is integral to providing a foundation for your organization’s data collection and governance needs while helping to drive better customer experiences.

Ce que la gestion des balises N'est PAS

Tag management is not the most exciting name for a crucial technology, often being confused with blog tags, tag clouds or search engine meta tags. Tag management is not related to any of those. Tags are a means to collect and move data between a website or mobile app session, and the technology vendor. Nevertheless, that is how the industry evolved, and the name stuck, although it is quickly becoming part of a larger data conversation.

Technologies de marketing numérique pour la gestion des balises

L'essor de la gestion des balises

Tag management systems emerged in the late 2000s to address challenges posed by the explosive growth in digital marketing solutions, now numbering 5,381, according to ChiefMartec.com, a leading authority on marketing technology. Tag management helps organizations strategically manage their data foundation and streamline tag deployments, which previously required ongoing IT assistance to support.

La grande tempête déclenchée par la croissance des technologies marketing

« L'explosion des technologies marketing a déclenché une grande tempête sur trois points. Tout d'abord, les spécialistes en marketing ont des besoins et désirs incroyablement variés concernant leurs programmes de marketing numérique. Ensuite, les fournisseurs de technologies marketing travaillent d'arrache-pied pour créer des solutions innovantes afin de répondre à ces besoins et désirs, et ouvrent de nouvelles perspectives. Enfin, les progrès des plateformes et des intergiciels de technologies marketing — notamment la gestion de balises — permettent aux spécialistes en marketing de rassembler les différents éléments dans une structure marketing cohérente adaptée à leurs activités. »

— Scott Brinker, ChiefMartec.com

Tag Management Extends Beyond the Website

Tag management has moved rapidly to help manage tags and data outside of the traditional website. Companies are using tag management to control and manage their customer data and MarTech vendors across web, mobile, IoT, and connected devices. One thing to note about mobile apps is that instead of using a master tag from the tag management provider, they leverage a library that serves the same essential purpose. Once the library is added to the mobile app, marketers and mobile developers can add analytics and other solutions without having to recertify the app in the mobile app marketplaces.

graphique de gestion des balises

Fonctionnement des systèmes de gestion des balises

Les systèmes de gestion des balises contrôlent le déploiement de toutes les autres balises et les déploiements des fournisseurs d'applications mobiles par le biais d'une interface Web intuitive, sans exiger de codage de logiciel. Les systèmes de gestion de balises facilitent l'ajout, la modification ou la suppression de n'importe quelle balise en un seul clic. Les solutions de gestion des balises d'entreprise, comparées aux gestionnaires de balises gratuits, fournissent également toute une gamme de fonctionnalités avancées, comme la personnalisation, la gestion des données, les contrôles de confidentialité, l'assistance pour les applications mobiles, et plus encore.

gestion des balises

Key Benefits of Tag Management

Les 5 principaux avantages de la gestion des balises

  1. Build and manage your own best-in-class marketing stack – Create a data collection foundation that works with 1000+ technology solutions allowing you to quickly and easily swap out old solutions and test new ones
  2. Accélérer les campagnes – Les spécialistes en marketing peuvent lancer des campagnes susceptibles de générer davantage de revenus, et ce plus rapidement et plus facilement
  3. Improve website performance – Intelligent tag loading and superior architecture ensure your site loads fast.
  4. Reduce costs and focus on business – Free up valuable marketing and IT resources for strategic projects.
  5. Ensure Data Governance and Protection – Audit and control the data collection practices of each of your vendors, while also standardizing data definitions across solutions.
When a Free Tag Management Solution Isn't Enough


Because of its strategic position in the data supply chain, tag management systems have rapidly evolved to become a key part of the foundation for data management and collection. A tag management system collects first party data. First party data is considered the most powerful and relevant data because it is the behaviors and interactions you compile on visitors. This robust first party data can be used to create unified customer profiles, driving more timely and relevant omnichannel experiences while fueling business intelligence initiatives and streamlining data warehouse projects.


There are many factors in determining whether you need tag management. Here are six sure-fire signs…

  1. Vous utilisez activement plus de cinq solutions de marketing numérique
  2. You are using a complex, enterprise analytics solution, such as Adobe Analytics or IBM Coremetrics
  3. Vous êtes sur le point d'étendre vos activités de marketing de performance ou d'acquisition (lancement de nouvelles campagnes et suivi des attributions, par exemple)
  4. You are about to deploy mobile apps – the same benefits that tag management provides for traditional sites, also apply to mobile apps
  5. You are about to redesign your website– maintaining analytics and campaign continuity is crucial
  6. You want the flexibility to change marketing vendors
prêt(e) pour la gestion des balises
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