Tealium University Schedule

Tealium University is constantly on the road to bring the only formalized tag management training program to your front door. We’re hitting a few major cities to share best practices and give users of Tealium’s platform hands-on product training to maximize digital marketing efficiency and results.

Where We Are Going

Dates and locations are subject to change. For more information and registration details, click here.

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What is Tealium University?

Tealium University Education Program

For Tealium, making customers successful means more than creating innovative products and services. It also means delivering robust training and education programs that help customers maximize their use of Tealium’s solutions.

Tealium offers two major customer and partner initiatives: Digital Velocity, our signature annual user conference; and Tealium University, the industry’s most comprehensive training program for tag management and digital data distribution.

  • Tealium University taught me so much and now I know I am going to be much more self sufficient.

    Lyndsey Albertson Fox
  • “Tealium takes the pain out of managing vendor tags and will allow us to be more nimble and efficient, while freeing up valuable IT resources. We will be able to launch more revenue-generating campaigns, faster and easier. Tealium will also help improve our web site performance, increasing conversions and providing a better customer experience.”

    JASON STUEMPFIG Director of Online Marketing, Petco
  • “The goal of tag management is to give marketing and measurement professionals direct control over their digital measurement infrastructure, and to eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming IT cycles. Tealium does a superb job of that.”

    GARY ANGEL Partner, Digital Analytics Center of Excellence, Ernst & Young

Core Offerings for Customers and Partners

Customer & Partner Bootcamp

Bootcamp for Customers & Partners

Receive comprehensive, hands-on product training and learn best practices on how to use Tealium’s market-leading solutions to drive marketing effectiveness and ROI. Attendees will participate in training lead by Tealium experts. Tealium University is lab-based and interactive. Upon completion, attendees will have built solutions to some of the most common use cases and be able to apply them in their own digital marketing practice.

Customers attending Tealium University get to choose which sessions to attend. Design your course of learning around the topics that are most important to you. Courses are designed with a particular audience in mind, to find out if a course is right for you, please take a look at the course’s designation in the training calendar.

Who should attend?

Tealium customers or agency partners looking to unify their marketing and increase results with Tealium iQ and AudienceStream.

How much does it cost?

Each Tealium University event (excluding Digital Velocity) includes training materials, a live-demo site, and access to online training. Please contact your Account/Deployment Manager for registration costs and ask about any available promotions.

Where will it be?

Tealium University is offered in major cities all over the globe, as well as our Digital Velocity events.  Please see schedule above or contact your Account/Deployment Manager for more details. See schedule

Key Outcomes
  • Understand fundamental concepts of tag management
  • Understand fundamental concepts of digital data
  • Successfully configure a working tag management profile with data, tags, load rules and extensions on a live website
  • Learn how to address some of the most common use cases in tag management and digital data distribution

Webinars for Customers

While we hope that everyone has the opportunity to attend Tealium University in person we also understand that may not be possible.  We offer weekly instructor-lead webinars that introduce you to the fundamental concepts and usage of the Tealium products.

Who should attend?

Anyone new to Tealium and its solutions or anyone needing a refresher.

How much does it cost?

Tealium University’s weekly webinars are complimentary for current clients and partners.

Where will it be?

Tealium University Webinars are virtual trainings offered weekly. Dates and times may be found in the Tealium Learning Community or by contacting your account/partner manager.

Key Outcomes
  • Understand fundamental concepts of tag management
  • Understand the Tealium iQ application interface
  • Manage key tasks such as tag configuration, data mapping and the use of Tealium extensions
  • Ability to accomplish common use cases

Introduction to Tealium iQ and the Data Layer
Tealium iQ Training Lab: Load Rules, Extensions and Dynamic Tag Configuration
Coming Soon: Introduction to AudienceStream
Coming Soon: AudienceStream & Data Layer Enrichment


Onsite or Virtual for Customers and Partners

If you’re unable to travel to a Tealium University Bootcamp, we can come to the location of your choice and deliver either our standard curriculum or a custom one designed to meet the needs on your team.

Ask your Tealium account manager for details.

Who should attend?

Anyone in the organization that will be working with Tealium’s solutions.

How much does it cost?

Please contact your Account Manager or Channel Manager for pricing.

Where will it be?

Virtual or onsite at your location of choice.

Learning Community

Tealium Learning Community
for Customers and Partners

Tealium Learning Community is the digital hub of our ecosystem. From product documentation, to in-depth how to’s there is something for everyone. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for? Just Ask!

Tealium Learning Community includes a robust question and answer engine where the most knowledgeable users, whether they are staff, agency partners or other customers are quick to jump in and provide you with the answers to the questions you have.

Key Features
  • Product documentation and “how-to’s”
  • Find content by category, tag or keyword search
  • Follow interesting people, topics and content
  • Ask the community questions and get quick responses from Tealium staff and community experts

A valid Tealium iQ login is all that’s needed join the Tealium Learning Community.

Browse our Course Catalog

Course type key:  

All users  
 Analytical users  
 Business users  
 Technical users
Introductory Courses
Tag Management (TMS): Concepts

Regardless of your professional role, if you are new to tag management and Tealium iQ, this is the place to start. In this session, we’ll define tag management and concepts such as the Data Layer and Data Mapping. We’ll also take a walk through the Tealium iQ interface so that everyone is properly oriented for the day.
This course is designed for all users.

Tag Management: Designing Your Data Layer

In this session, we will expand on the data layer concept and you will learn how to decide which information you need in your data layer and how to quickly implement it within your training web site.
This course is designed for all users.

AudienceStream (AS): Concepts

If you’re an analyst, marketing optimization expert or data scientist and you are just starting out with AudienceStream, this session will introduce and define the key concepts of the platform and orient you in the AudienceStream interface.

This course is designed for analytical users.

(TMS) Architecture

This session is designed for developers, operations and analytics staff. We’ll start by examining the architecture of Tealium iQ and demonstrate how it can be customized according to your needs, using its configuration and optimization tools.

This course is designed for all users.

(TMS) Use Case: Initial Implementation

In this use case, we’ll look at the best practices for your initial tag management deployment. Using your training web site and the Tealium iQ EventStream tag, we’ll see how easy it is to configure a tag and map specific data points from the Data Layer to the tag. Along the way, you’ll learn about best practices for publishing.

This course is designed for all users.

(TMS) Load Rules

This session will show you how to manage and leverage your tags by deciding when and where they will fire on your web site. Learn how to fire tags based on a single data point, multiple conditions, or based on a schedule, such as during a development cycle. You will learn how to set load rules using the visual interface of Tealium’s Web Companion.

This course is designed for all users.

AudienceStream: A Guided Walk-through

Description: From profile configuration to testing and naming conventions, get a rundown of all the best practices that Tealium recommends when working with AudienceStream™.

This course is designed for all users.

Intermediate Courses
(AS) Omnichannel, Connectors & APIs

For the more technically-inclined, we will take a peek under the hood of AudienceStream and discuss best practices for omnichannel enrichment, using AudienceStream connectors and the newly released visitor API.

This course is designed for analytical users.

(TMS) Use Case: Controlling Conversion Tags

Learn how to control when and where your conversion tracking tags fire. In this session, we show you how to configure a conversion tracking tag, when it’s allowed to fire (using a combination of extensions and load rules) and which data is sent to the vendor.

This course is designed for analytical users.

(TMS) Use Case: Integration and Prototyping

For initial TMS integration and prototyping, we’ll look at best practices for your Data Layer, the tools Tealium provides to help and look at the CMS integrations available to make implementing Tealium iQ into your websites as painless as possible.

This course is designed for technical users.

(TMS) Use Case: Simple Event Tracking

Occasionally, you’ll discover something that should be tracked but it’s not. This lab will show you how to use Tealium extensions to quickly fill in a gap in your tracking. We’ll use the example of an analytics app that’s missing data from a specific button and it needs to be fixed ASAP.

This course is designed for business users.

(TMS) Administration

Learn about all the features Tealium iQ has available to align it with your internal development processes and policies. From user permissions to resource locking and workflow, Tealium iQ has tools available to make sure it works within your organization’s development flow.

This course is designed for all users.

(TMS) Introduction to Data Layer Plugins

Tealium iQ supports turnkey integrations to several popular CMS and E-Commerce systems. We will review the available integrations and the most common challenges seen when successfully connecting Tealium iQ to these systems.

This course is designed for technical users.

(TMS) Event Tracking Best Practices

Not all events that are important are page views. In this technical session we will explore the tools available within Tealium iQ to track non-page view events and the best practices for successfully integrating the tools into web pages.

This course is designed for technical users.

Introduction to AudienceStream and Data Layer Enrichment

From controlling tags via AudienceStream-triggered load rules to content optimization, this session will show you how AudienceStream enriched attributes can be leveraged via the Tealium iQ data layer to more finely control and optimize the consumer experience.

This course is designed for all users.

(AS) Use Case: Window Shopper

Description: In this lab, you will learn how to identify a Window Shopper within AudienceStream™, segment those consumers into a unique Audience and take marketing action to convert them into paying customers. You will also learn how to use Tealium’s Visitor Trace and Webhook to troubleshoot the configuration and see how visotr profile data can be sent to your vendors through API calls.

This course is designed for analytical users.

Advanced Courses
(TMS) Technical Troubleshooting

Things can and will go wrong. In this session, we will dive into the code behind Tealium iQ to look at common issues, breakpoints and troubleshooting techniques that are a key component of any successful deployment.

This course is designed for technical users.

(TMS) Use Case: AJAX Applications

Having looked at event tracking best practices, this use case explores how to successfully apply them to an AJAX environment. Whether it’s entire AJAX application or a static web page with AJAX elements we will work through how to configure Tealium iQ for this situation and integrate the TMS into the AJAX framework.

This course is designed for technical users.

(TMS) Use Case: Tealium iQ Custom Tags

While Tealium has over 700 tags in its library, you might encounter one that we don’t currently support. Learn how to use one of Tealium’s custom tags to quickly implement an unsupported tag using Tealium Solutions best practices.

This course is designed for technical users.