100 Data & Analytics Predictions: Ensure Your Business’s Future Success

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As we enter the fourth industrial revolution once-futuristic technologies are starting to have a real impact on customer experience – and data is proving once again to continue being the catalyst for digital transformation.

It is clear that data and analytics are increasingly critical elements across most industries, business functions and IT disciplines. There are several transformations as well as challenges ahead that CIOs and data and analytics leaders should embrace and include in their planning for successful strategies.

Tealium has partnered with Gartner in creating the research note ‘100 Data and Analytics Predictions Through 2021’ to round up the top data and analytics predictions to help prepare professionals for the transformational industry changes ahead. Some of the most common themes are centered around best practices on:

  • Artificial Intelligence. AI continues to emerge as a core business and analytic competency as Machine Learning (ML) promises to transform business processes, reconfigure workforces, optimize infrastructure behavior and blend industries through rapidly improved decision making and process optimization.
  • Natural Language. It is beginning to play a dual role in many organizations and applications as a source of input for analytic and other applications, in addition to traditional analytic visualizations.
  • Information. Information itself is being recognized as a corporate asset, prompting organizations to become more disciplined about monetizing, managing and measuring it as they do with other assets.
  • Smart Devices. Ones that both produce and consumer Internet of Things (IoT) data will also move intelligent computing to the edge of business functions, enabling devices in almost every industry to operate and interact with humans and each other without a centralized command and control.
  • Trust. This is becoming the watchword for businesses, devices and information – leading to the creation of digital ethics frameworks, accreditation and assessments.
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Ensure future success with your digital business and download ‘100 Data and Analytics Predictions Through 2021’ today!

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