Protecting Your Customer Data

Tealium gives you the tools, infrastructure and practices to be confident your data is protected by the most stringent requirements.

From the beginning, data security and customer privacy have been at the forefront of our development strategy. In addition to building tools to safeguard your data at a foundational level, Tealium provides the infrastructure and data management practices to supply customers with unparalleled data security.

Data Security and Privacy Tools

Tealium provides a wide array of tools, product features and complementary services to guarantee customer privacy and a secure data foundation.

Consent and Privacy Manager

Easily offer opt-in or opt-out choices to
customers, providing control over which third-party vendors and data usage those customers want to allow.


We enable encryption of data both at rest and in transit. Tealium encryption policy requires the use of common, well-understood ciphers including AES 256, Triple DES, SHA 256 (preferably with salt) and SSL/TLS 1.2 or stronger.

Restricted Data Flags

Control the flow of data at a foundational level with tools supplying visibility over data flow and the capability to restrict the distribution of identified information.

Private Cloud

For organisations that need to comply with the privacy and security rules under regulations like HIPAA. Single tenant solutions are offered with extended data security to comply with these standards, however, private cloud is not intended to be a repository of Health Records.

Data Recovery

Tealium operates at extremely large scale and with very big data sets. We have developed a hardened data storage solution that makes sure that data is always available and, in the rare case data needs to be recovered, can be recovered from an online backup quickly.

Data Privacy and Usage

Your data and your customer’s data are not accessed or used without explicit permission. You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to defining how your data is processed.  Tealium will only process your data according to your instructions.

Data Ownership

Your data is yours. Data is retained and available to you for the full time period agreed by you. This time period can be adjusted based on your needs.

Geo-based Management

Tealium supplies tools to manage data flow based on geography to help clients comply with standards and industry regulations that vary from region to region, like GDPR.

Global Data Centres

With a growing global footprint of data centres, Tealium can manage data across the world securely and discretely.

Address a Wide Range of Regulations and Standards

Tealium has extensive experience partnering with customers to assist on compliance efforts for a diverse array of industry regulations.


European Union GDPR

As a GDPR-compliant data processor supplying data to your marketing technology ecosystem, the Tealium Universal Data Hub is an ideal place to manage your first-party data and consent for GDPR.


ePrivacy Directive

In addition to GDPR requirements, the ePrivacy Directive focuses on how data can be processed and how the data subject may be interacted with, both which can be addressed by the Tealium Universal Data Hub.


Health Information (HIPAA)

Tealium offers a single tenant, private cloud hosting solution with data secured to HIPAA standards but not intended to be a repository of Health Records.


Payment Card Industry (PCI)

Tealium offers a single tenant, private cloud hosting solution with data secured to PCI standards but not intended to be a repository of Cardholder data.


Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)

Tealium partners with clients on CSA compliance needs leveraging the secure AWS infrastructure.


Tealium has achieved the following third-party security and privacy certifications.


SSAE18 SOC 2 Type I & II

Third-party audit shows Tealium’s demonstrable commitment to and practice of security, availability, processing integrity and confidentiality principles.


Privacy Shield

An active participant in EU-US Privacy Shield Framework to comply with data protection requirements when transferring personal data from the EU to the US. Tealium is also Swiss-US Privacy Shield certified.



Industry’s first cloud-based customer data and tag management solution to achieve an attestation of compliance with HIPAA security and privacy rules.

Constant Monitoring

Tealium is committed to providing security with ongoing and constant monitoring.


System Status

Tealium continuously monitors our uptime and makes our system status publicly available. 


Defence In Depth Approach

Tealium focuses on building a highly available, fault-tolerant platform that protects the privacy and integrity of our customer’s data. Each day, new security vulnerabilities and attack vectors are emerging and Tealium strives to keep ahead of attackers by working with security researchers, industry experts and our customers. Tealium’s platform is monitored through automated and manual testing, both internally and by third-party cyber security organisations.

Need More Info or Help? Have Questions?

Tealium’s solution consultants are knowledgeable and ready to help you strategise your unified data strategy incorporating mobile, along all other data sources.