Better Together: Amazon Web Services + Tealium Universal Data Hub

Deliver higher-quality and more comprehensive customer data to AWS in real time to drive better insights and engagements

How does Tealium help integrate systems with AWS?

Key Benefits

  • Clean and unified data at the point of creation (before it gets to AWS)
  • Real-time action on real-time data
  • Robust and seamless integrations with over 1000+ marketing technologies

Supercharge your AWS instance by supplying it with clean, quality customer data and over 1000 integrations to put that data to work. The Tealium Universal Data Hub integrates with Amazon Web Services through the following integrations:


AWS Firehose®
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AWS Kinesis Streams®
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AWS Redshift®
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Tealium and AWS are business-critical solutions for many global enterprise customers. By combining our best-of-breed technologies, customers now have the ability to collect and deliver clean, unified data across their entire AWS infrastructure in a secure, real-time manner.

– Mike Vaccaro, VP Global Partnerships

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The deadline and enforcement date for GDPR compliance is 25 May 2018

More Information

Case Studies

Watch videos to learn how Tealium and AWS work better together:

Cambia Healthcare


Beachbody Digital Transformation

Beachbody Cross-channel


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