Keep Visitors on Your Site and Away From the Competition

Where are your web site visitors going? If you’re an e-commerce marketer, answering that question and increasing conversions are always top priorities. There are plenty of different variables that affect customer conversions, but below are three common reasons why your visitors could be fleeing your site:

  1. They don’t want to wait. Akamai revealed that 47 percent of consumers expect an e-commerce page to load in 2 seconds or less – which means your site better be up to par, or off to a competitor’s site they go.
  2. Your marketing campaigns aren’t effective.
  3. You need a better measurement strategy.

Tag Management Systems (TMS) have been increasingly adopted by e-commerce marketers to maximize their online effectiveness and improve the performance of their website. As digital marketers increase the number of marketing vendors they use, deploying and managing tags becomes a challenge, often resulting in page bloat and ultimately hinders page performance. TMS enhances site performance and efficiency, gives marketers better control of their online vendors and digital data, and allows them to manage their digital marketing tools easier than ever.

How does Tealium specifically help solve these challenges?

To first combat slow performing websites, Tealium replaces all third-party vendor tags with a single tag, removing hundreds of lines of JavaScript code that would otherwise be manually deployed and slowing down web pages. To hear more about Tealium’s best practices for improving performance, check out our blog 5 Easy Ways Tag Management Improves Website Performance. By leveraging our technology and best practices, Tealium can improve web site performance by as much as 50 percent depending on the client.

Need to make a change to a campaign or launch a new one, but IT is backlogged? Making changes to vendors can be a nuisance, especially when your average dev cycle can run from weeks to months. Tealium allows marketers to make changes to their online vendor tags so they can launch new campaigns faster and more efficiently – no JavaScript/technical knowledge required, and no IT involvement needed. Our intuitive user-interface features 450+ turnkey integrations, so you can test, deploy, or edit vendors in a few simple steps.

In addition, e-commerce marketers can leverage our E-Commerce Extension feature that allows you to easily define a set of variables, instead of having to map each e-commerce tag individually. If you’re an e-commerce marketer with multiple tags, even the mapping itself can become tiresome. The E-Commerce Extension acts as a mapping layer of sorts – map the variables once, and you never have to map them into tags again.

Tealium E-Commerce Extension

And last but definitely not least – measurement. The data doesn’t lie; it is the most honest communication you will ever have with your visitors. So listen to the data and take action. With a simplified approach to deploying web analytics vendors, along with the ability to optimize and make changes to those vendors on the fly, Tealium ensures that data-driven marketers are getting quality data. By also adding Tealium DataCloud, users get access to a raw feed of all of their rich digital data, stored in one centralized location, and then can easily make it available to data-driven marketing teams. This data can be used to create powerful visitor-level profiles that can directly increase the effectiveness of customer acquisition campaigns.

3 quick takeaways:

  1. First impressions mean everything, so don’t ruin your chance of retaining a visitor because of a slow loading web page. Your visitors want instant access to your site and optimal availability. So give it to them… now!
  2. If you’ve been told to hold off from making a change to an online vendor because your dev team has higher priorities, then your marketing campaign is in jeopardy. Take control of your mission critical online solutions, and launch more revenue-generating campaigns.
  3. You can’t measure effectively if you have flawed data. Quality data from your website means better decisions and improved campaign effectiveness. In parallel, data-driven marketers want all the data points they can get, but the data collected doesn’t matter if it isn’t actionable.

Want to hear more about how Tealium can help solve these problems? Download our free white paper, or join us for one (or both) of our webinars this month focusing on how tag management benefits e-commerce marketers.

March 21, 2013 2:00p – 2:45p     Managing Continuous Change: Responsive Design and Tag Management

March 27, 2013 1:00p – 2:00p     The Two-Second Rule: Optimizing Website Performance with Tag Management

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