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I’m interrupting the current blog schedule to reflect on the news coming out of the technology sector. I’m talking about the passing of Steve Jobs.

I never actually met Steve, and I never had the pleasure to work for him. I’m purely a technology geek that has had my life changed by the myriad of wonderful products championed by Steve.

I was late to Apple, my first Apple product was the original iPhone. I loved it, and it’s still a viable gadget today. That purchase lead me to my second, a MacBook Pro. Since then Apple keyboards, Magic Mice, Trackpads, Airport Extremes, Apple TV’s (2), Mac Mini’s (4 – two for me and one for each of my parents), another Macbook Pro, a Macbook (for my sister), an iMac, a 30″ Cinema display, 3 shuffles, an iTouch, an iPhone 3 and two iPhone 4’s. I even purchased a Lenovo Netbook because someone figured out how to install OSX on it. I haven’t let go of a single device, and I don’t know that I will…They all seem so viable, and for whatever reason, I’ve connected with all of them at some point in time.

The Apple platform has morphed the way I do my day to day operations, and as a result standard Tealium issue to new employees is a MacBook Pro. The Apple design philosophy has also been ingrained in the way we design products here at Tealium.

It’s hard to miss someone you’ve never met, but I am sad knowing he’s no longer out there building things that inspire me. My sincerest condolences go out to his family and friends as I know his departure leaves a tremendous void.  I look forward to meeting him in the afterlife – mainly to get my hands on whatever he’s been working on.

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